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Pseudonymization of print data

Description of the problem

Is there a possibility to display print data in an anonymized version so that it will not be possible to trace afterwards who printed which documents?


By using the steadyPRINT VPD technology, print data will be pseudonymized. In contrary to the conventional classic use of Windows printers and Microsoft print servers where users and document names are displayed in the print queue, the VPD technology does not refer to a user or document name. In a simplified schemme, the print queue only displays one user named “system” which allows us to achieve anonymization and profiling or monitoring can not be done.

Moreover, all data is encrypted and stored in a separate folder (share) and, if required, can only be viewed by the user who generated the print job. Neither administrators nor manufacturers can access the data and cannot provide information on print jobs with regard to end users. How long the print data remain in this folder (share) is left to the decision and discretion of the respective customer. By default, the data remains in the folder for 30 days and is then automatically deleted. It is necessary to keep data in this temporary archive simply for reasons of CRITIS security (redundancy) and other system-related reasons (e.g. server failure).

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