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Release Notes steadyPRINT 7.5.1

steadyPRINT additions, modifications and bug fixes in version 7.5.1

Additions Description
Select favorites for print jobs Since version 7.5.0, the Agent offers the option to mark print jobs as favorites in order to quickly retrieve them for reprint. This functionality has now been transferred to the SecurePrint App.
Use of template print for color and duplex print The settings for color and duplex print have been adapted to the VPD driver interface. Analogous to the other settings, the configuration can now be applied from a template.
Modification Description
Adjustments to IP filter settings The configuration windows for creating and editing IP areas have been designed more intuitively with respect to the selection behavior.
No local users shall check out licenses The software distribution partially requires local users. If such a user is used for the installation process of the Agent which is then starte with this login context, the logged-in user automatically draws a CAL for the respective assignment type. With the new version, this behavior has been adapted so that a local user will not check out licenses any more.
Bug Fixes Description
Search for users unexpectedly interrupted In some rare cases an error occurred when evaluating the LDPA attribute “UserAccountControl” during an AD search via the steadyPRINT Center. This problem has been fixed.
Invalid session object leads to termination of remapping If the steadyPRINT Server or the steadyPRINT Center sends a notification to the steadyPRINT Agent, it could happen that due to an invalid session object an error occurred when remapping the printer at the client. This problem has been fixed.
Document can partly not be printed In certain constellations it could happen that a document was not printed via the guest printing function. The print job was cancelled with the error message “[…] file was not found. […]”. This problem has been fixed.
Print from Windows image view under Windows Server 2012 to VPD printer partly not possible This problem has been fixed.
Agent does not realize change to maintenance mode “on-the-fly” Due to internal adjustment processes, the maintenance mode for a printer could not be set “on-the-fly” although a notification was sent by the steadyPRINT Center.
Correct trays cannot be identified by external programs Different programs read out the printer trays for form printing by using the printer driver. When using VPD 2, the correct trays could not be identified by the program. This problem has been fixed.
Login name and description are not displayed in AD search The AD search in the steadyPRINT Center did partly not display the login name and the description of the principal. This problem has been fixed.
Error message when printing “PrintTicket is not from VPD. Parameter name: vpdTicket” The name of the VPD printer driver was modified for version 7.5.0. An internal validation should realize the lack of the VPD 2 driver in order to initiate the update routine. In some cases, however, the validation was not performed correctly so that the current VPD 2 driver was not installed on the computer. If the VPD 1 driver is used for printing, the message “PrintTicket is not from VPD. Parameter name: vpdTicket” is displayed at the client. This problem has been fixed.
Update routine does not adapt permissions of certain tables When updating an existing database with CreateSteadyDB 7.5.0 indicating an already existing SQL user who so far has had no rights to access the database to be updated, the permissions for e.g. tables, licenses and MAC addresses are not written. Running the update with the option “Create as new registration” lead to the same problem. The described problems have been fixed.
Printing via vDirect with Protected Template results in portrait instead of landscape format When using a steadyPRINT VPD vDirect printer in combination with a protected template it happen in certain cases that a document was printed in portrait instead of landscape format. This problem has been fixed.
VPD loading animation can no longer be disabled In the previous steadyPRINT versions the loading animation for the VPD product dialog could be disabled. In version 7.5.0 this was no longer possible due to an internal adjustment. This problem has been fixed.

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