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Release Notes steadyPRINT 7.5.2

steadyPRINT Bug Fixes in version 7.5.2

Bug Fix Description
steadyPRINT Agent : Display of active print server is missing When changing from master to backup print server, the Agent is still displaying the master print server. In this case, the active print server should additionally be displayed in the overview for the connected printer. The missing information was subsequently submitted.
steadyPRINT Agent: Computer informationen is automatically inventoried on terminal server without being activated Under certain circumstances, the steadyPRINT Agent has performed an automatic inventory despite the option for the inventory of computer information had been disabled before. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: A default printer set by the admin is not implemented The admin wants to write over the default printer set by the user via the Center. The Agent does not perform this action if the user has been allowed to set default printers via the Agent profiles before. This behavior has been adapted in version 7.5.2 enabling the admin to subsequently write over the user’s default printer via the Center.
steadyPRINT Agent: Kyocera printer settings (here: PIN code) are not taken over after change from master to backup print server
steadyPRINT Center: Center does no longer start for specific user
steadyPRINT Center: Renaming printer partially fails In the following the problem is described as a case of application: A backup print server has been stored for a print server. Now it is tried to rename the printer on both print servers via the Center at the same time. On the master print server, the admin has sufficient permissions for the renaming but not on the backup print server. The Center is returning an error message that the printer could not be renamed on the backup print server.

Results of the process:

  • Renaming of printer on master print server
  • NO renaming of printer on backup print server
  • NO renaming of printer in the Center and thus not in the database

The printer cannot be “renamed” again as the printer still holds the old name in the database and is thus no longer “traceable” for the Center. The new renaming can only be enabled by the deletion and renewed integration of the printer.

Target: If the printer can be renamed on the master print server but not on the backup print server, the printer should nevertheless be adapted in the database. Otherwise the printer can no longer be managed by steadyPRINT as the printer name in the database does not match the printer name on the master print server. The behavior has been adjusted as described before.

steadyPRINT Center: Opening the AD browser several times can result in high workload and blocking of the application This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Button for creating QR code not visible in the ribbon although SecurePrint is activated in Agent profile This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Access to printer website via the Center not possible Accessing the printer website via the printer view partially failed. Instead of the dissolved IP address, the print port name was used. As a workaround, the printer website can be opened via the context menu of the printer in the tree view. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Reporting: Reports automatically generated and sent via e-mail are without content Under certain cirmumstances it might occur, that reports are generated without content. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Server: Checking the memory without function This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Service: Service crashes without further notice Since version 7.5.0, the steadyPRINT Service crashes under high load and without any log entries. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT VPD: Merging PDF documents | Process is sporadically cancelled with message “System.InvalidOperationException: This method is not supported if Usercontrol is used as SplashScreen.” This error sporadically occurs depending on the environment. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT VPD: Printing via SecurePrinter not possible In Version 7.5.1 it is currently not possible to use the SecurePrinter for batch printing. As a workaround, the print job can be stored to a different batch printer via the vPrinter in order to finally retrieve it via the steadyPRINT App and to send it to a printer. Usual batch prints can be retrieved analogous to the SecurePrinter batch print jobs. The problem mentioned before has been fixed.
steadyPRINT VPD: Criver for 32-Bit systems (x86 driver version) unusable The x86 VPD driver cannot be used in version 2.1.3. When using the driver for a printer, an error message occurs saying that the driver has not be installed corretly. This problem was fixed with driver vewsion 2.1.4
steadyPRINT VPD: Additional lines and “incorrect” colors after printout of PDF steadyPRINT VPD offers the option to have PDF files generated in different ways (automatically). It has been noticed that, depending on the content, lines occur after printing that are not included in the original document. Moreover, it might happen that after the printout, the colors are “distorted”. Both problems, however, only occur after printing. The PDF viewer respectively shows a correct version. Both problems mentioned before have been fixed.

ID: 22164 | Zur deutschen Version

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