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Release Notes steadyPRINT 7.5

steadyPRINT features, additions and bug fixes in version 7.5

Feature Description
Print Templates The so called “print templates” represent a central topic. They offer the administrator the possibility to store printer settings as a template for the user. The different template types force or predefine printer settings for selection.

The user selects the public templates via a dop-down menu. This way, he/she does not have to look for the required setting in the manufacturer’s driver menu – this has already been done and stored by the administrator. In addition, however, the user is allowed to modify the settings in the VPD driver interface.

Protected-Templates are assigned by the administrator as soon as permanently defined settings are to be specified that cannot be modified by the user. The user is only permitted to choose between the different protected templates. A modification of the settings via the VPD driver is not possible.

Printer reliability If a document is printed via the vFlow printer and sent to a printer that is not available or offline, it is automatically sent to the backup printer as defined in the workflow. The user is notified of the transfer via a pop-up window. Alternatively, the printout is stored in the SecurePrint batch so that the user can individually choose to which printer the document is to be sent.
Cost centers With steadyPRINT VPD it is possible to calculate printing costs on the basis of page prices (mono and color) stored for a cost center. For this purpose, the administrator creates cost centers via the steadyPRINT Center and stores the respective users. During the printing process, the number of pages is booked to the corresponding cost center. Finally, a report provides a cost overview for the respective cost center and enables an export of the information.
Printer Features steadyPRINT now offers the option to collect printer functions (e.g. duplex, punching, stapling, color, black/white). This is done automatically via the steadyPRINT Center but can also be handled manually. Any other function can be added subsequently by an administrator. This enables the user to browse for specific printer functions in the Agent if e.g. a printer with a punching function is required.
Printer Tags In addition to the printer functions, individual search items can be assigned by the administrator via the steadyPRINT Center. This way the search for a certain printer is considerably facilitated for the user (e.g. “labels”, “prescription”).
Rule-based printing Rule-based printing helps to considerably reduce the printing costs in companies by enforcing printing regulations. This way employees are “forced” to use specific functionalities of the printer infrastructure. Certain rules can thus determine that e-mails are printed monochrome or documents with more than 50 page are printed duplex.
steadyPRINT Virtual Printer Driver (VPD) with new features The Virtual Printer Driver 2 (VPD 2) has been improved in many areas. Among others, a new driver interface as well as an improved engine for merging different printer settings are available.
Multi-Admin Management If several administrators are using the steadyPRINT Center at the same time, notifications of modified configurations are sent as of version 7.5. This way, the current status can be retrieved from the database.
Journaling The journaling function offers the possibility to retrace all modifications made to the steadyPRINT environment via the steadyPRINT Center. The administrator is provided an interface to compare the respective modifications.
Visibility of printers If a printer is added via the steadyPRINT Center, its visibility can currently be restricted by the assignment of IP filters for location filtering and/or the deactivation of a printer assignment for certain assignment objects (user, computer, groups, organizational units). The new steadyPRINT version offers the possibility to explicitly configure printers as “visible” or “hidden” for specific user(groups). This is an additional option to show or hide printers during the connection process.
Cloud-Storage In version 6.5 the vFlow printer has been introduced that allows individual workflows to be triggered with regard to a print job. vFlow has now been extended by the storage of documents in the cloud. Currently supported cloud providers are Citrix ShareFile and Microsoft OneDrive (others will follow).
Microsoft Management Console for print server management Now, the steadyPRINT Center also integrates the functions of the Windows-specific console for print server management. Currently missing functions are thus to be provided and integrated into steadyPRINT.
vPrinter printer overview Apart from the provided printers, the vPrinter window now displays an overview of all printers available in the environment. The administrator, however, has to activate this area via the Agent profiles.
Addition Description
MessageBox action The action “MessageBox” has additionally been integrated for the workflow. The workflow designer has the possibility to issue notifications during the course of a workflow.
Connect user-specific printer for a single session When connecting a printer via the steadyPRINT Agent, the user has the option to connect the selected printer for just one session. This function has to be activated by the administrator. When the Agent is restarted, the printer will be removed.
Cut and paste printer assignments The Center now offers the option to cut and paste printer assignments.
vName default printer Version 7.5 now offers the central setting of vName default printers.
Print job as favorite Within the steadyPRINT VPD print job overview, the user can mark jobs as favorites. They will appear in a separate list to be reprinted. Print jobs that are marked as favorites remain unaffected of the automatic cleaning of print jobs.
Extension of the print dialog to reprint jobs out of the VPD print job overview The new dialog in the VPD print job view for repeating a print job now offers the usual settings to configure the print job for being reprinted. This includes e.g. the number of copies, black/white, duplex and many more.
Bug Fixes Description
Center no longer starts for specific user This problem has been fixed.
Database update does not refresh default profile within database profiles This problem has been fixed.
Profiles are not updated when the user changes workplace This problem has been fixed.
Generated run time hashcode results in a crash of the Center with inventoried local printers In rare cases it might occur that the Center can no longer be started due to an internal error in connection with the inventoried local printers. By manually deleting the printer from the database the function could be restored. This problem has been fixed.
Design profiles cannot be edited subsequently In some cases, a design profile could no longer be edited. This problem has been fixed.
Deinstallation of local printers in v7 no longer possible This problem has been fixed.

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