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Release Notes steadyPRINT 5.2

steadyPRINT Features, Additions, Modifications and Bug Fixes in version 5.2

Feature Description
steadyPRINT Center: Search for objects within steadyPRINT The steadyPRINT Center now has a new integrated search function allowing to search for all objects within steadyPRINT.
steadyPRINT Center: smartSEARCH The smartSEARCH component integrated into the new steadyPRINT Search allows a quick search and the access to objects within steadyPRINT. It is centrally embedded into the steadyPRINT Center and can be accessed at any time guaranteeing a simple and quick access to the search and thus to the objects.
steadyPRINT Center: Interface for the display of the search results For the display of search results from the steadyPRINT Center, an interface has been developed which allows the selective search for and filtering of all accessible objects. Furthermore, all results are prepared for a better overview.
steadyPRINT Center: Integrated search in the steadyPRINT online area The new steadyPRINT Search allows the search in different online areas (user manual, knowledge base and Website) directly from the steadyPRINT Center.
steadyPRINT Center: Exchange of printer drivers The steadyPRINT Center now provides an interface for a simultaneous exchange of a printer driver on several print servers.
steadyPRINT Center: Distribution of drivers In the new version, the steadyPRINT Center provides an interface for the simultaneous distribution of printer drivers on different print servers.
steadyPRINT Center: Automatic creation and sending of reports by e-mail Up to now, reports could only be generated manually. Now, they can be created fully automatically and sent by e-mail at a desired time.
steadyPRINT Center: Report – Monthly printing costs A new report now directly displays the monthly printing costs.
steadyPRINT Center: Report – Display of local printers including associated computers This report shows the inventoried local printers including the computers on which they are installed.
steadyPRINT Center: Report – Configured roles and assignments steadyPRINT 5.1.5 included the development of a role concept for the assignment of authorizations within the steadyPRINT Center. In order to get an overview of all roles and its assignments, two new reports are now available.
steadyPRINT Center: Reporting profile The reporting profile offers the configuration interface for defining the automatic generation of the reports.
steadyPRINT Center: Automatic creation and filing of reports to shares Up to now, it has only been possible to have reports generated manually. Now, they can be generated fully automatically and filed to a share at a desired time.
steadyPRINT Center: Scheduling component For the time-controlled and automatic sending and filing of reports, a scheduling component for the Administrator has been made available.
steadyPRINT: System renewal for push notifications New system for sending push notifications.
steadyPRINT: Push notifications steadyPRINT now has a completely revised system for sending push notifications and dependent activities. A large number of remote interactions with the respective steadyPRINT components have been integrated. Excerpt:
– Agent re-start
– Reconnect Agent printers
– Agent update
– Server updates
steadyPRINT Agent: Reliability in offline mode steadyPRINT is now able to provide a failover of the print servers even in offline mode.
steadyPRINT Center: Configuration of reliability In previous versions, the reliability testings could only be configured in rudimentary form. Each setting is now adjustable via the performance profiles.
steadyPRINT Agent: Storage of default printer for respective IP range Now, the steadyPRINT Agent stores the default printer for the respective network in order to get a better location-based default printer assignment. Furthermore, network changes are recognized and the default printer, if stored, is automatically adapted in the background.
steadyPRINT Center: Session overview for users Administrators can now use the steadyPRINT Center to see all (in)active sessions of the steadyPRINT users. Via the session display, even the remote administration of the steadyPRINT Agent can be performed.
steadyPRINT Center: Display database connections in session overview In addition, the database connection is now also displayed in order to recognize and filter old sessions in case of a database change.
steadyPRINT Center: steadyPRINT web server port configuration The adjustment of the port for the steadyPRINT web server can now be made remotely via the steadyPRINT Center.
steadyPRINT Agent: Clean unmanaged printer connections In some scenarios, the administrator might want to firmly assing printers which the user is not allowed to change. Via the steadyPRINT Center, the administrator has the possibility to hide the Windows print server for the user.

The steadyPRINT Agent now has a new function to avoid unwanted printer connections: it enables the administrator to have printer connections that do not belong to the specified configuration deleted immediately and fully automatically. Thus an unwanted and uncontrolled growth is avoided. Although the user is allowed to create printer connections, the steadyPRINT Agent deletes those connections immediately and thus cleans the printing environment on the Client

steadyPRINT Center: Test run – display of locked users with assignments This test run displays locked users who exist in steadyPRINT with printer assignments which can be cleaned by the administrator in order to remove unsolved problems.
steadyPRINT Center: Test run – Checking incorrect print server combinations A new test run now analyzes whether a print server has been stored in steadyPRINT as a master- as well as a backup print server at the same time.
steadyPRINT Center: Test run and interface for the display of deleted Active Directory accounts This test run identifies orphaned accounts within steadyPRINT which do no longer exist in the Active Directory. An interface offers the possibility to clean them subsequently. In this connection, printer connections that are no longer needed and derive from deleted Active Directory accounts are cleaned up.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustments of certain filters in Views It is now easily possible to reset specified filters via a button.
steadyPRINT Center: Notification of components when changing a performance profile Now, the steadyPRINT Center automatically notifies the affected service components of the change.
steadyPRINT Center: Settings for test runs The administrator can now decide which test runs are to be displayed on the home screen in which order.
steadyPRINT Center: Renewal of the configuration for notifications of print server failures The interface for the alarm configuration in case of a print server failure has been revised. Moreover, there are now additional alarms available.
steadyPRINT Center: Improved availability of the reports via the tree Via the object selection in the tree, filters and object specific settings are now directly adopted into the report to be created.
steadyPRINT Center: Enhancement of existing reports and integration of graphical report Enhancement of the existing reports with a short and a long version as well as graphics in case a meaningful presentation of the information is possible.
steadyPRINT Center: HomeScreen – Success page for authorization Wizard The authorization wizard of the HomeScreen now has a success page providing a summary of the actions carried out.
steadyPRINT Center: Menu bar in the main window A new menu bar now allows the quick access to connections which are available in the HomeScreen.
steadyPRINT Center: Reporting – Integration of tab-pages Integration of tab-pages for the display of several reports/results.
steadyPRINT Center: Improved test runs Enhanced and revised test runs should provide a better provision of information in order to show the user in a meaningful way which area of the system does not work correctly.
steadyPRINT: Support of printer driver level 8 An enhanced determination of information for printer drivers allows an improved query of installed printer drivers on the computer.
Modification Description
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustments of the authorization wizard The summary page in the authorization wizard has been revised.
Bug Fixes Description
steadyPRINT Agent: Automatic printer connections (printer for session run-time) disappear In a certain constellation it may happen that automatically created printer connections are continuously created and deleted again. The setting is available on print server- as well as folder level under [Object] > Settings > Automatic printer connection.

The following describes a scenario in which this effect can take place:

1. No manual printer assignment via the steadyPRINT Center or the steadyPRINT Agent
2. Configuration of automatic printer connection
3. Login to a computer
4. Automatic printer connection is being created
5. Login to another computer
6. Automatic printer connection is removed from the first computer
7. Printer connection on the second computer is continuously removed and recreated

Note: This problem occurs extremely rarely and not necessarily!

steadyPRINT Agent: Error message when Setting Default printer – “Incorrect printer name” This error has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: After double-clicking on the TrayIcon symbol, the window partly does not appear in the foreground After the login to the terminal server and a double-click on the steadyPRINT Tray-Icon, the window appears in the task bar but not – as expected – in the foreground.
steadyPRINT Agent: Missing notification when starting the printer maintenance mode If the administrator activates the printer maintenance mode via the steadyPRINT Center, the steadyPRINT Agent does not show any notification via Balloon ToopTip. Only after the re-start, it appears as desired.
steadyPRINT Agent: Setting the default printer fails when using the Citrix Universal print server When using the Citrix Universal print server, it is not possible to set the default printer due to an incorrect print server name.

Read-out UNC path via Windows API (fails): \\printserver:8080\printer
Expected UNC path of Windows API: \\printserver\printer

Finally, the setting failed with the read-out as well as the incorrect UNC path.

steadyPRINT Center: Modification of printers in an object results in a broadcast notification of all sessions The modification of printers for an object via the steadyPRINT Center usually resulted in a broadcast notification for all sessions. This behaviour has now been debugged so that only sessions that are affected by the modification are notified of the ajusted configuration.
steadyPRINT Center: The Center does not start with certain users Depending on the user, the steadyPRINT Center could not be started. It consumed much memory and finally crashed with an error message (~ defective module “ntdll.dll”).

Troubleshooting: The problem was the resolution of nested groups when starting the steadyPRINT Center in order to analyze the respective roles. The installation of a “circular dependency” for groups in the Active Directory (group A is member of group B group B is member of group A) lead to this error.

steadyPRINT Center: Double Default profiles after installation If two steadyPRINT Centers and the respective settings were opened directly after reinstallation, the default profiles could have been created twice. This error has been fixed with this update.
steadyPRINT Center: First column in authorization wizard caused error This error has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Correction of display for local printer assignments and local default printers In the area of local printers and its definitions, certain minor bugs have been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Sorting partly incorrect The expected human sort sequence of objects is different from the standard and technical version. Therefore, certain items seem to be “unsorted” in the steadyPRINT Center. A new sorting algorithm will fix this problem.

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