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Relocation of database

Description of the problem

This article describes the relocation of the steadyPRINT database to another database server.


Creation of the database backup
First of all, the existing steadyPRINT database has to be saved. A backup can be done via the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio under [INSTANCENAME] > Databases > [STEADYPRINT DATABASE] > Tasks > Back Up ….

Import backup to new database server
Now, the backup of the database has to be imported to the new database server. This procedure can for example be done via the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio under [INSTANCENAME] > Databases > Restore Database. It is recommended to use a suffix describing the respective steadyPRINT Version:
Example: PrinterMap_510

Restore database permissions
After restoring a database, the permissions for the SQL user might get lost. In order to adjust this process, please follow the knowledgebase entry No access to the database after restoring on https://www.steadyprint.com.

Link of the steadyPRINT components to the new database server
Reinstall the steadyPRINT components by indicating the new database login information.

Automatically generated database users
In case of a database relocation, the following users: {DbUser}_startUser and {DbUser}_subscribeUser must be maintained as they are used by the internal SQL broker. The user passwords are “autogenerated”.

A database update is always required!
Regardless of whether the database is migrated to another server and an update is performed or not. A database update with createSteadyDB is always required, as the users used by the SQL broker: {DbUser}_startUser and {DbUser}_subscribe must always be available for a correct function.

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