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Integration of backup print server

Description of the problem

This article describes the integration of a backup print server into steadyPRINT in order to guarantee the reliability of the master print server.


Installation of the backup print server
Provide an image of the installation of the master print server. Please make sure that the master- and the backup print server have the same version of the Windows operating system.

Installation of the steadyPRINT Server service on the backup print server
Install the steadyPRINT Server service on the backup print server.

Specification of backup print server
Use the steadyPRINT Center to store the provided backup print server in the settings of the master print server. To do so, please proceed analogous to the chapter Indication of a new backup print server under http://steadyprint.com/user-manual/the_backup_print_server.htm .

Replication of the master print server
In case the primary print server fails, it is necessary to make a 1:1 copy of the same in order to guarantee that the backup print server takes over the printing functionality. For this purpose, please use either the integrated steadyPRINT replication function (see chapter Print server replication under http://steadyprint.com/user-manual/the_backup_print_server.htm .) or manually create a copy of the master print server including all necessary printers.

Having successfully performed the steps mentioned above, steadyPRINT guarantees a fail-safe operation. Threshold configurations for an automatic triggering of the failover can be done via the performance profiles in the steadyPRINT Center.


    1. -Second print server with the same version of Windows operating system
    1. -Installation of the steadyPRINT Server service on the backup print server
    1. -At least 2x steadyPRINT basic licenses (to include reliability a further license is required per master print server)
    1. -Specification of backup print server

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