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Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.5.1

Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.5.1

Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: steadyPRINT Server Service with extemely high memory usage in version 8.5.0Under certain circumstances, higher memory usages occur in steadyPRINT VPD services. A number of known printer drivers that are used by steadyPRINT VPD are concerned. This faulty behaviour has been communicated to the printer driver manufacturer for remedy. In order to avoid the memory space to overflow in steadyPRINT, the printer drivers from a blacklist are used in a different way. This happens automatically with the currently known printer drivers. If this behaviour still occurs, the technical support should be contacted in order to add further printer drivers to the blacklist.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: Print jobs are rejected on print server-side due to invalid contentsIn very rare cases, invalid contents might lead to a rejection of the print job by the server-side spooler service. This problem has been fixed. For more questions regarding this topic, please contact our technical support.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: Manufacturer’s print setting window cannot be openedDepending on the manufacturer’s driver, the print setting window cannot be opened in the vPrinter printing dialog. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: Max. storage period of print jobs is not considered with batch printsThe storage period of print jobs can be configured via the general VPD settings in the Center. This setting, however, has no effect on the batch print jobs. The use of batch prints might therefore lead to an unintentional high memory usage. A separated setting of the storage period for normal print jobs and batch prints can help the administrator to better influence the server-side scaling of the memory usage.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: Landscape format is not consideredIf a Word document has differently aligned sides (portrait and landscape), all landscape pages will be printed in portrait format. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: vFlow | Printing to default printer not possibleIf the user selects the action “Print” with the option “Default printer” in the workflow designer, it may happen that no print job emerges when running the workflow. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: vFlow | Conversion from PDF to PDF/A3 not possibleThis problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: vFlow | Verification of the page count in specific performance of actions might be incorrectThis problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT: Determination of groups fails with Active Directory ExceptionIn an IT environment, there are often several Active Directory Servers available to realize reliability. In order to determine the groups, steadyPRINT uses .NET Framework. It identifies via an Operating System Metrics which AD server is to be used for the current inquiry. In rare cases, an Active Directory Exception (System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException or ActiveDirectoryServerDownException) might occur after the shutdown of an DC. This leads to the fact that steadyPRINT is no longer able to identify the groups for the respective login context. This problem has been fixed by changing the group query.
Features & AdditionssteadyPRINT Center: Link to administration of MAC addresses in assignment windowThe assignment window is now directly linked to the overview for the administration of MAC addresses.
ModificationssteadyPRINT VPD: Optimization of charging time in print job viewOpening the print job view takes a relatively long time with more than 10,000 print jobs per user. Moreover, a higher memory usage is recognizable. The charging times have thus been considerably optimized so that a faster access to the print jobs with significantly less memory usage is guaranteed.
Bug FixesCreateSteadyDB: During the database update, BranchOffice assignments set as default are additionally created as Windows assignmentsAs soon as a default printer has been set to a BranchOffice printer via the tab “Automatic printer connection” on print server or folder level, the problem mentioned in the title appears. This problem has been fixed for the update process of the databse.
Bug FixesCreateSteadyDB: Database update of version <= 7.6 to 8.5 fails if workflows have been createdThis problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesCreateSteadyDB: Connection attempt to database fails – SSL Security ErrorDepending on the configured security settings for the TLS support on SQL server and operating system level, it may happen that the connection attempt to the database fails during the database installation or its update. The following error message is displayed: “”[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (SECCreateCredentials()).]SSL Security error””.
Bug FixesInstaller: Userinit-entry for auto start is not created for installation with quiet-parameterIf a steadyPRINT Client is installed on a terminal server via an elevated prompt with the MSI parameter “/quiet”, the Installer does not create a Userinit entry in the Windows registration. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT Agent: BranchOffice printers are not createdDue to a problem during the driver verification/installation, it may occur that a BranchOffice printer is not installed. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT Agent: Client name detection for Citrix might no longer be functional in more recent versionsThis problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT Center: Center role with reading access allows writing access to VPD template settings.This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT Center: Synchronization of printer information fails with exceptionIn case the mandatory Windows registration key “Printers/Devmode2” does not exist, the synchronization of the printer information for the current printer fails. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT Center: Simultaneous assignments are not completely realizedIf several assignments are created in the Center for a Client/User via a push to the end device, only the first assignment is generated. All the following assignments are only created after clicking “Reconnect printer”. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixessteadyPRINT VPD: Printing Outlook e-mail attachment failsUnder certain circumstances it may happen that printing an Outlook e-mail attachment fails. This problem has been fixed.

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