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Release Notes steadyPRINT 7.6.1

steadyPRINT Bug Fixes in version 7.6.1

Bug Fixes Description
Computer assignments can partly be deleted by user Due to an Agent profile setting, the user is able to create computer assignments – normally only the admin is authorized. If different computer assignments are created either by the user or the admin, the user is able to delete them in case the profile setting as described above is activated. Actually, only computer assignments created by the users should be allowed to be deleted but not those created by the admin. This behavior has been adjusted.
Several licenses of the same type are checked out for the same user This problem has been fixed.
VPD jobs are partly not processed after printing function has been taken over by backup print server If the master print server fails (e.g. shutdown) and VPD jobs are created before the backup print server is active, these jobs are stored on the VPD share but no longer processed. This problem has been fixed.
On completion, replication does not start the services in dependence on the spooler service On its completion, the replication restarts the spooler service on the target server. Dependent services as e.g. the Citrix Universal Print Server and its dependent service Citrix XTE are stopped but not started any more. This problem has been fixed.
Active Directory search slow in large AD environments When searching via the Active Directory view in the Center, a large number of objects in the AD might lead to a slow search process. The internal bottle neck that was responsible for the delay has been eliminated.
Restriction of visibilities in tree view via Center roles behave different since version 7.6 The behavior has been adjusted analogous to the previous version 7.5.
Options for group assignments cannot be set Setting the options (default printer, connect only on terminal server/workstation, ignore and block IP filters) for a group assignment is not possible with version 7.6.0. This problem has been fixed.
Monitoring messages via e-mail are not sent for user-defined toner queries In case of user-defined SNMP queries for toner values, the optional e-mail notification has not been realized. This problem has been fixed.
Print job with page count 0 is not printed although it has content Under rare circumstances it may happen that a print job via a steadyPRINT VPD printer disappears and is not printed. The user will not be notified. This problem has been fixed.
Text is missing after conversion to PDF In rare cases it may happen that after a conversion to a PDF file the text is missing if the original document contains backgrounds. This problem has been fixed.
Workflow | “Save PDF” function cannot find XPS file During the execution of the Workflow action “convert to PDF”, it might happen that a necessary temp file is no longer provided during the execution and the workflow is prematurely terminated with an error. This problem has been fixed.
Workflow | Selection of page area leads to errors with the following print action The steadyPRINT Workflow offers among other things the selection of the page area during processing. If, subsequent to this action, a printing action was performed, an error occurred and the workflow was prematurely terminated. This problem has been fixed.
Orphaned auto-assignment is mapped although print server/folder no longer exists Previous to version 6.5.0, the automatic assignments were saved in a different form than they are with current versions. When updating the DB with CreateSteadyDB to version 6.5.0 or higher, the old auto-assignments are transferred to the new structure. In doing so, it was failed to take into account that as of version 6.5.0 it was absolutely necessary to set an IP filter on folder or print server level. As of version 6.5.0, the surface in the Center does no longer display automatic assignments without a stored IP filter on folder or print server level. Therefore the orphaned global assignments remain unaffected and are connected by the Agent. In the Center they can no longer be deleted as they are no longer visible. This problem has been fixed.

Note: When the update routine is run again with version 7.6.1 of CreateSteadyDB, orphaned auto-assignments are removed from the database. Should orphaned auto-assignments nevertheless exist, they will be ignored by the Agent as of version 7.6.1.

Use of FQDN instead of DNS names for session-URI The steadyPRINT components write an URI to the session table which contains the FQDN of the computer. In case of notifications via the Center this leads to problems should the DNS name for the computer be different and not accessible via the FQDN. In this case the URI with DNS names is written back to the session table.

ID: 22184 | Zur deutschen Version

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