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Release Notes steadyPRINT 5.0.3

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 5.0.3

ID Type Title Description
2897 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Performance optimization
2891 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Performance optimization
2862 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Refactoring the Client view
2444 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Printer driver cannot be installed despite activated option "install with administrator rights"
2883 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: In rare cases, the IP filtering does not work correctly
2876 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Incorrect update of tree view when closing the window for printer import
2863 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Display of FQDN in the tree works for local print servers  
2886 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: When merging print servers, printers with folders are not migrated
2861 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Only one session is displayed in the Client view
2881 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Minor bug fixes in the window for printer import
2888 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Inventoried computers are displayed under each IP folder
2879 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Inheritance of IP filters is no longer displayed in the folder view below the print server
2884 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Increased flicker effects in the print server tree for most different operations
2874 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Incorrect visual status display of printers in the tree view while selecting printer folders
2895 Addition steadyPRINT Agent: Improvement of reinitializing the data base communication via Service-Proxy
2885 Addition steadyPRINT Agent: Display of printer assignments and list of default printers in the support window

ID: 22049 | Zur deutschen Version

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