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Release Notes steadyPRINT 5.0.2

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 5.0.2

ID Type Title Description
2766 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Extension / optimization of support window
2814 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Refactoring of status display
2826 Bug fix Installation: Administrative installation with msiexec /a loses database name in MSI package for software distribution
2828 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Small black window in Citrix session if all published applications are minimized
2846 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Default printers on computer are partly not set correctly after session change
2858 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Change of the printer driver on the print server is not recognized
2821 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: After renaming a printer, its assignments will be lost
2848 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: In rare cases, import of printers is not possible
2845 Bug fix steadyPRINT Server: Session deleted if Client is unavailable
2834 Addition steadyPRINT Center: Extension of controls for SNMP-configuration for better representation of toner levels
2832 Features steadyPRINT Agent: Application of display filter for local printers during inventory
2815 Features steadyPRINT Agent: Display of organizational units in support window
2487 Features steadyPRINT Center: Display of the installed Agent version and status in Client view together with inventoried computer information
2694 Features steadyPRINT Center: Hide empty IP folders below computers in the tree for local printers
2588 Features steadyPRINT Center: Migration of local printers
2584 Features steadyPRINT Center: Folder for inventoried computers
2084 Features steadyPRINT Center: Folder above print server
2825 Features steadyPRINT Center: Merging print servers
2586 Features steadyPRINT: Importing existing printers of print servers from CSV file
2587 Features steadyPRINT: Importing existing printer assignments from CSV file
2585 Features steadyPRINT: Importing existing print servers from CSV file

ID: 22045 | Zur deutschen Version

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