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Release Notes steadyPRINT 4.3.0

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 4.3.0

ID Type Title Description
2425 Modification steadyPRINT Agent:"Detect printer connections manually added via Windows and automatically configure a user assignment" only run at startup In the event that a user added a printer and that the function "Detect printer connections manually added via Windows and automatically configure a user assignment" was active, a new user assignment was created for the respective printer although it had just been deleted by the user. This caused confusions and was the reason why this process is now only performed once when starting the steadyPRINT Agent.
2393 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Welcome screen can be be switched-off via the steadyPRINT Center Agent Profile
2404 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Arrangement of checkmarks for configuring the printer assignment The new arrangement provides a better overview.
2410 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Optimization of Active Directory Request In the past, there were repeatedly long loading times in larger environments with many objects in the Active Directory under one organization unit. Due to the new implementation of the  Active Directory Requests, the waiting times have significantly been reduced resulting in a more pleasant and faster work with the steadyPRINT Center when accessing the Active Directory.
2490 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Transfer of steadyPRINT Agent settings into the Agent profiles All necessary settings related to the steadyPRINT Agent are now mapped in the Agent profile enabling a  dedicated configuration for users, groups and computers.
2443 Modification steadyPRINT:  Decoupling the assigned objects from the Active Directory Path After moving Active Directory Objects, a manual adjustment in steadyPRINT is now superfluous.
2386 Modification steadyPRINT: Encryption of sensitive data Although the information from the steadyPRINT data base are mostly not safety critical, the steadyPRINT Team has decided to encrypt the login data for the data base.
2496 Modification Installation: Delete Unicode-characters from file names
2417 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Reading out XML-files from user's Repository fails When reading out user-repositories for the locally stored printer assignments, an infrequent error with the following message occurred: "[…]
Error in the repository of user (printer id 2):Mustermann, Erika
System.Xml.XmlException: Root element not available.
bei System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.Throw(Exception e)
bei System.Xml.XmlTextReaderImpl.ParseDocumentContent()
bei System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapParser.ParseXml()
bei System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapParser.Run()
bei System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.ObjectReader.Deserialize(HeaderHandler handler, ISerParser
bei System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Soap.SoapFormatter.Deserialize(Stream serializationStream,
HeaderHandler handler)
2424 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: User can delete a printer assignment automatically set by the administrator If the administrator created e.g. an automatic session printer for a folder, the user was able to select and delete the printer. Although it was immediately reconnected again, this action should be restricted in advance as the reappearing printer confused the user. Moreover, the printer was added to the list of administrative printer assignments in the printer management window for the Agent making a deletion impossible.
2492 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: The Agent produces CPU- and network load although no printer assignments are available for the current session context
2420 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent:  Recurring error message when reading out session printer on a terminal server The following error message was often shown on a terminal server which was not relevant for the process but disturbed the evaluation of the event viewer.
Message: "[…] Send Printer To OneNote 2007  (from WI_abcdefg1234567) in session: 8 could not be read. Most probably there are insufficient rights to read the printer.
System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception: Memory-allocating for PRINTER_INFO_2 of printer \\[TS-NAME]\Send to OneNote 2007 (from WI_abcdefg1234567) in session: 8 is not possible […]."
2431 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: When choosing a local printer in the user view, all printers are marked Only those printers with the same name from the same computer should be marked. This function is now working correctly.
2421 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Users with an ' in their names could not be added
2414 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center:  Error by infringement of the UNIQUE-KEY restrictions in the data base when adding a print server In the event that a disabled print server with the same name was already listed in the data base, a new print server could not be added due to the infringement of the UNIQUE-KEY restriction of the print server chart.
2422 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Replicator/Migrator does only partially recognize modified printer components and settings In the event that the port, driver or settings of a replicated printer were modified, the validation of the replicator/migrator did not recognize these modifications. A new replication of the printer to the backup print server does not take place and thus outdated settings are available on the backup print server. The above mentioned problem is now solved.
2402 Feature steadyPRINT Agent/Center: Introduction of Agent Profiles The Agent Profiles enable the configuration of user-, group- and computer-dependent settings for the behaviour of the steadyPRINT Agent.
2206 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Adjustment of error tolerance when attempting to connect printers The Windows print server sporadically causes long waiting times and errors when attempting to call up print server information and to create printer connections. Due to this, the error tolerance when attempting to connect a printer was increased in order to ensure the reliability.
2392 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Read out Client-IP and Client name under XenDesktop
2199 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Connect Citrix UPD-printer via Agent Citrix offers the possiblity and technology to take a client-printer into the terminal server session without having to install additional manufacturer drivers to the terminal server and at the same time a compression of the print data stream.

steadyPRINT is now able to automatically provide the functionality via the Agent. The creation of guidelines or the use of Citrix-owned tools is no longer necessary.

2440 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Installation check from .NET Framework at start-up
2415 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Setting of default printer to Citrix Client Printer Default printers that have been set via the steadyPRINT Agent or the steadyPRINT Center are also provided for Citrix Client Printers.
2403 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Support-Window The support window contains information that should be helpful to the support-team when troubleshooting.
2405 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Update of printer information via steadyPRINT Center A subsequent adjustment of the information from the print server to the database is now possible directly via the steadyPRINT Center. The administrator now directly modifies comment and location over the respective printer view. At the same time a transfer of the specified data to the print server takes place.
2439 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Duplication of printer assignments The takeover of the existing printer assignments of a user, a group or from a computer reduces the workload. If, for example, a new collegue enters the company or someone was relocated, you can use this function to simply transfer the assignment from one collegue to another.
2441 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Installation check from .NET Framework at start-up
2430 steadyPRINT Center: Integration of an extended search In the steadyPRINT Center there are many search fields with the same function. You can simply search for keywords or with wildcards or perform a positive and negative search. Objects can thus quickly and effectively be selected  from your Active Directory Structure and print environment.
2429 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Integration of help- and support-categories under (?) for a direct and faster availability of the respective documents
1928 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Copying of printer assignments Copying printer assignments allows the take-over of existing user-, group- and computer assignments to another printer or folder.
2406 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Storage of location and comment in database During the import, the steadyPRINT Center stores all comments and location descriptions of the printers in the database. This helps to increase the speed in the steadyPRINT Agent and Center.
1785 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Recursive scan of Search – User- and Computer Management The steadyPRINT Center offers now the possibility to scan recursively on every containter and in every organizational unit.
2442 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Check of the steadyPRINT-database version at start-up

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