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Release Notes steadyPRINT 4.2.0

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 4.2.0

ID Type Title Description
2202 Modification steadyPRINT Center: Display of error messages after replication in a list
2272 Modification Installation: Default account for steadyPRINT Server The account for steadyPRINT Server has now been set as “localhost”.
2299 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Local printers are now always visible in the tree node.
2300 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Display of network printers under “local printers” This includes network printers which are not administered by steadyPRINT. This concerns, for instance, the home network printer.
2322 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Optimizing IP filtering for user selection By clicking “add” in steadyPRINT Agent, a heavy load was created by queries to the SQL server in environments with more than 200 printers and configured folders. This led to a prolonged loading time for windows used to add printers.
2336 Modification steadyPRINT Agent: Cleaning up printer connections, also when using “reconnect printer” Up until now, this action could only be carried out by steadyPRINT Agent during startup.
2353 Modification steadyPRINT: Display of FQDN for local computers in the main window
2361 Modification steadyPRINT: Extended handling of special characters steadyPRINT now supports the handling of special characters in all tables of the database.
2270 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Abandoning folder renaming caused null pointer exceptions
2323 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Error message during startup and setting the standard printer Errors occurred when setting the standard printer and resulted in a message box which was very irritating for the user.
2355 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: When using steadyPRINT Agent on a terminal server and actively including existing printer connections, a permanent error message appeared The error itself and the message had no effect upon system operation.
2358 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: User printer settings were lost on rare occasions
2367 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Auto scrolling did not work in the tree node
2370 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: User migration (formerly exchanging print server roles) had no effect upon the client
2372 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Group entries caused double database entries Scenario: The Administrator moves various users to another OU in Active Directory. He then creates group assignements with steadyPRINT Center for various printers. If the relocated users were in the group which was used for the assignment, double database entries were created. These caused errors by the assignment order on the client and could no longer be corrected by steadyPRINT Center. Manual intervention in the database was necessary.
1608 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Print server migration For copying printers from a source to a target print server, steadyPRINT provides a replication function. This allows for the easy copying of printers on another print server with the same operation system. With additional options, the migration augments the replication process. It permits that printers be copied between print servers with two different operating system version, for example between Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2.
1938 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Welcome screen during the first time steadyPRINT Agent is started At the first startup of steadyPRINT Agent,  a welcome dialogue appears for the user giving a short explanation of steadyPRINT.
2053 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Users save local printers in the database
2054 Feature steadyPRINT Agent/Center: Displaying users’ local printers saved in the database An additional tree node for local printers has been integrated in the node displayed in the print server administration. These locally recognized printers are also found in the corresponding user and computer views. The classification of these local printers normally takes place within IP networks.
2223 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Offline default printers A standard printer in offline mode will be saved locally on the workstation. If the steadyPRINT Agent does not have a connection to the databse, the user automatically gets the standard printer that was last set to offline mode. The setting of this printer only takes place when steadyPRINT Agent is started, however.
2225 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Exporting print servers, users, groups and computer view in a CSV file. Exporting makes it possible to have an overview of all printer connections with their settings, for example standard printers and IP filters
2226 Feature steadyPRINT Agent/Center: Automatic creation of printer connections for all available standard printers on the basis of folders or print servers. The administrator has the possiblity of consigning printers for automatic connection. This is possible for print servers and folders. Users are then automatically connected to the printers on a folder or print server basis. No manual intervention is necessary in steadyPRINT Agent or Center thus greatly reducing the administrative overhead. This feature is especially useful in connection with IP filtering. If a user moves through various networks (located at various sites, for instance), he or she automatically gets the printer setting needed at every location. It is also possible to limit whether the user always receives the configured printer or only then when he does not have access to another printer at the respective site.
2248 Feature steadyPRINT Agent/Center: Setting printers in maintenance mode It happens all the time in companies that printers have to be worked on by a technician. Usually the users only notice this when they want to print something.  In steadyPRINT Center you can set printers in maintenance mode and inform all users. The printer assignments will be removed, so that there are no accidentally print outs possible.
2257 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Refresh function for steadyPRINT Center
2329 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Open the RDP connection to the backup print server over the master print server using the tree node
2341 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Displaying the printer’s website over the context menu
2365 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Exporting local printers to a CSV file

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