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Printer connection is not created after assignment via steadyPRINT Center

Description of the problem

Printer is not installed as expected on the client/terminal server after being assigned via the steadyPRINT Center or the steadyPRINT Agent.


Please check the following points:

  1. Make sure that the relevant printer is shared on the print server.
  1. Make sure that the user is authorized to connect the printer.
  1. Make sure that the user has sufficient privileges to install drivers that has not been provided.
  1. Enable the administrative driver installation via the Agent profiles in the steadyPRINT Center in order to have the possibly missing printer driver installed with administrative rights through steadyPRINT.
  1. Make sure that the printer driver for x86 and x64 architectures is available on the print server so that the printer can be connected by 32- as well as 64 bit operating systems.
  1. Please check whether the printer connection can be connected via Windows tools.
  1. If the printer is not displayed in the steadyPRINT Agent, please check the set permissions and IP filters in the steadyPRINT Center. You can review which profiles and IP filters are currently used via the support window in the Agent (accessible via the tray icon and the computer node in the main window of the Agent).
  1. Please check whether the printer has been assigned using nested group assignments or organizational units. This option for assignment is available from version 5.1 only.
  1. Please check the messages displayed in the event viewer on the client/terminal server for troubleshooting purposes. The following areas are important: Windows protocols > applicationWindows protocols > system and Application and service protocols > Microsoft > Windows > PrintService > Administrator.
  1. Make sure that the steadyPRINT Agent is in online mode (blue tray icon).
  1. Make sure that the steadyPRINT Service has been started.
  1. Make sure that the required version of the Microsoft .NET Framework has been installed.

ID: 21852 | Zur deutschen Version

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