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Printers are not connected after update to version 6 (fixed in Version 6.0.1)

Known Issue Version 6.0.0

Description of the problem

We have noticed that the printers can no longer be connected since the update to version 6.0. After the login, neither printers are available nor does the interface of the steadyPRINT Agent show any assinged network printers. If the user selects “reconnect printers” or logs in again, all printers are again available as usual. Can you provide further assistance so that the manual interventions are no longer necessary?


In addition, the steadyPRINT Agent converts all printer assignments from the database into XML files and stores them to the user profile (e.g. C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\steadyPRINT\PMP\repository). Based on this, printer connections can finally be created and displayed on the steadyPRINT Agent interface. Along with the changeover to version 6, the set-up of XML files was modified so that the new Agent could not open the files of the old Agent. After a re-login or the activation of “reconnect printers” via the steadyPRINT Agent, the files are rewritten and the problem should thus be fixed.

Upon the installation of version 6.0.1, this error should no longer occur.

ID: 21786 | Zur deutschen Version

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