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Database update fails – query timeout expired

Description of the problem

Last weekend we tried to update our steadyPRINT database on the Microsoft SQL server. In doing so, the error message “query timeout expired” appeared. After a new attempt, the update could be successfully performed without any mistakes.


For the update of the database, the application CreateSteadyDB sends some instructions for creating and adapting new or existing tables to the SQL server. If the required instructions cannot be performed within 30 seconds (default value), the error message mentioned above is displayed


Solution for steadyPRINT version smaller than 5.1.2:

Perform the update directly on the SQL Server and repeat the process if necessary. The speed of execution can vary according to its load.

Solution for steadyPRINT version 5.1.2 and higher:

Increase the maximum query timeout in the extended connection settings within the CreateSteadyDB. A value of 120 seconds would be reasonable and can be increased if required.


CreateSteadyDB in der Version 5.1.2

ID: 21675 | Zur deutschen Version

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