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High load on database server despite high values in performance profiles (fixed in Version 6.5.0)

Known Issue Version 6.1.3

Description of the problem

We are a company with more than 2000 users and the database is unnecessarily loaded due to the number of used steadyPRINT Agents. By default, the database is queried every 15 seconds to identify modifications to the printer configuration. Therefore, we configure the query values in the performance profiles as follows:

– Update printer connections: 86400 seconds (1x per day),
– Update session information: 86400 seconds (1x per day).

Unfortunately, the configuration of the values has not led to any improvements of the database performance. Could you please provide further assistance?


Generally, the values have been correctly configured. However, the value for updating the session information should only be modified in exceptional cases. The settings show that this is not a performance-critical setting. In the scenario initially described, an unfavourable functional overlapping leads to the problem that the setting of query values for the database, and thus the modification, does not take effect as expected. The result is an unchanged database load.

Recommendation for the configuration of time values for updating the printer- and session information
Below you will find a recommended value configuration for the performance profiles when using more than 100 steadyPRINT Agents:

Update of the printer connections

When using more than 100 steadyPRINT Agents, we recommend to set the value to at least 300 seconds (= 5 minutes) or higher. For most aplications, it is usually sufficient to perform an update of the printer configuration once an hour. For more detailed information on the printer update on the Client via the steadyPRINT Agent, please refer to the knowledgebase article “When does steadyPRINT update print spoolers?”.

Update session information

This setting usually does not require any configuration. If you wish to adjust it, however, the max. value should be 300 seconds (5 minutes).


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