With the release of steadyPRINT 7, a lot has happened apart from the new features – above all in the segment of licensing.

New: Premium subscription

The price for the regular subscription (service and support) is still 18% per year of the list price. As an alternative, we are now offering a premium subscription including service and a 24×7 support for which an annual fee of 25% of the list price must be paid.

Subscription: Discount graduation

Both subscription models can be purchased for a period of up to five years. If a multi-year contract is concluded, the following discounts will be granted: 2 years = 10%, 3 years = 15%, 4 years = 20%, 5 years = 25%

Server licensing

The list prices remain stable, there are no changes.

User licensing

The Windows CAL is still mandatory and constant in terms of price. The prices for the Branch Office CAL, the VPD CAL and the VPD Basic CAL (incl. vPrinter, vDirect and SecurePrint) have been standardized in order to simplify the licensing system. A new addition is the VPD vFlow CAL for the new workflow printer.

Moreover, a steadyPRINT Suite is available and contains the Windows CAL, the VPD Basic CAL (inkcl. vPrinter, vDirect and SecurePrint), the VPD vName CAL as well as the new license for VPD vFlow.

For an overview of all licences, please refer to our homepage.


Until June 30, 2018, you will be granted a 30% discount on all new steadyPRINT Suite User CALs.

steadyPRINT for SMB

As of now, a SMB version for small and medium-sized enterprives is available. It includes all features but is limited to one print server and a maximum of 100 users. The server license amounts to 2,500.00 Die Server-Lizenz kostet 2,838.00 USD and contains 10 steadyPRINT Suite User CALs. A backup print server (for print server reliability) is 1,419.00 USD. More user licences can be purchased in packages of 10 at a price of 284.00 USD. All licences include the subscription (service & support) for one year. As of the second year, a fee of 25% of the list price must be paid.

Apart from the direct purchase, a yearly or monthly payment can be agreed (period: 3 years each). An update to the regular steadyPRINT licensing is not possible.

Update: Information for existing customers

When updating to version 7, the installation of a new license is mandatory for all existing customers! Please contact the steadyPRINT team before the update process.

The Branch Office Server license does no longer exist. This function is now licensed at user level. Your existing licenses will be adjusted before the update.

Furthermore, please note that a database update is also necessary.