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Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.1

Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.1

Bug FixesBranchOffice Printer | ACLs are not extended for the same printer in multi-user modeIf a BranchOffice printer is connected for a workstation, the creation of the printer for the first user works as usual. However, if another user wants to create and then use this printer on the same workstation via steadyPRINT, the message “access denied” is displayed. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesReading out Client IP addresses and client name in a Citrix VDI does not workCurrently, when working in a VDI, the IP address of the VDI itself is used. Depending on the environment, this behavior cannot lead to the required result. The actual IP address of the client the user is working at is to be determined. This address is for example required when the IP areas shall be filtered by location. In such cases, the VDI IP address would generally not lead to the desired result. Usually, the VDI is hosted centrally leading to the effect that the client IP address does not provide information about the location of the end device. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesPrinter connections with a pipe (“|”) in their name cannot be createdIf a printer with a pipe (“|”) in its name and share name is created on the print server, it is not possible to create it on the client via steadyPRINT. This problem has benn fixed.
Bug FixesWindows login screen when changing between LAN/WLAN/Sleep modeWhen changing between LAN/WAN/Sleep mode, the customer is displayed a Windows login popup caused by the steadyPRINT Agent. This problem can arise by deactivating all network adapters on the system. Then the login dialog is displayed. The problem in this context is that the Agent reacts to network changes in order to perform possible adjustments to the assignments. It is however not verified whether a network exists at all. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesAfter activation/deactivation of print server maintenance mode no additional information is providedAfter the (de) activation of the print server maintenance mode, a message is displayed below the ribbon whether all clients have been successfully notified of the modification. If a problem occurs, all clients that have not been notified can be displayed via ToolTip. This function, however, partly does not work as expected. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesPasting MAC address assignments fails after cuttingCutting and pasting several MAC address assignments fails. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesPreviously set local default printer is not set at new loginScenario: A user accesses a terminal server from a client. In the terminal server session he defines a local printer as default. He logs out and on again the next day, as usual. The default printer, however, is set again on any other printer, but not on the printer defined before. This problem occurred in connection with terminal servers and has been fixed.
Bug FixesCopy count of application is discarded during printingIf a user sets the number of desired copies (CopyCount) in his application, e.g. Notepad++, to any value before printing, this value will be discarded. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesLandscape discarded during printingWhen printing from excel, the user selects landscape. Moreover, the paper format “Letter” is predefined. This setting is left and the user prints a document via the vPrinter. Now the document is printed in portrait instead of landcape. Only if the user sets the paper format in Excel to A4, the document is printed as desired. System properties for reproduction: English OS (Windows 10) German Excel (Excel 2016) This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesInstaller does not perform update installation properlyDuring an update installation, the new Installer of version 8.0.0 leaves the old installation package unattended resulting in a parallel installation of both versions. This problem has been fixed. Important: When updating from version 8.0.0 to >=8.0.1, version 8.0.0 has to be uninstalled manually.

ID: 23264 | Zur deutschen Version

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