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Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.2

Release Notes steadyPRINT 8.0.2

Bug FixesThe default batch printer is not hiddenVia the Agent profiles, the default batch can be disabled within the VPD printer and is no longer be visible there. The Agent, however, still displays the batch. This problem has been fixed.
ModificationsWindows reliability for active VPD Load BalancingIn case of a configured VPD Load Balancing that was introduced in version 8.0 it was no longer possible to operate the usual reliability in parallel. This behavior has now been softened so that a parallel operation of VPD Load Balancing and the classical Windows reliability becomes possible.
Bug FixesDriver exchange for Branch Office printer installationThe administrator uses Branch Office printers in regional offices. A new driver has now been centrally stored at the print server with a different name. When creating printers, this driver is not taken into account and thus not updated. Only after manually deleting the printer, the Branch Office printer is installed as desired according to the configuration of the print server. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesEvaluation of available printers takes longVia the Agent, the user can have individual printers displayed and connected from the interface. Under unfavourable circumstances it may occur that the determination of printers takes too long. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesBranch Office licenses are always checked out in case of configured automatic assignmentsThe administrator has the possibility to configure automatic assignments. As soon as a user enters a certain IP range, the assigned printers are connected. For Branch Office printers, the required licenses are also checked out. However, if a user never enters the IP range, the checkout of licenses nevertheless takes place. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesBatch print jobs are not marked as done if they are processed as PDF filessteadyPRINT VPD provides the opportunity to store print jobs in a batch in order to retrieve and print them later. If a batch print is performed via a common printer, the print job is “ticked off”. Print jobs that are printed via a PDF printer the above mentioned “ticking off” does not take place. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesWindows login window when changing between LAN/WLAN/sleep modeWhen changing between LAN/WLAN/sleep mode, the customer receives a login pop-up caused by the steadyPRINT Agent. The problem can be implemented by disabling all network adapters in the system. Subsequently the login dialog is displayed. The problem, however, is that the Agent reacts to network changes in order to make possible adjustments to the assignments. In this context, it is not verified whether there is a network at all. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesModifications to the order/prioritization of Agent profiles are not storedThis problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesReporting | SQL connection parameter cannot be subsequently modifiedA report has been created with a database “7.6”. This database is duplicated in the course of an update and provided again as “8.0”. Afterwards, the report can no longer be opened via the Center within the 8.0 database as the SQL connection parameters are unalterable. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesBackup printer does not idenfify any “offline” printersIf a workflow is set up in order to design a printer in a reliable way, the general accessibility via SNMP is not included as a source of error. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesUnclear background imageIf a PDF file is set as an background image within a workflow and if this image is store or printed, the font is unclear. This problem has been fixed.
Bug FixesvDirect print leads to error messageIf a vDirect printer is selected as the output type within a workflow, the error message “The owner property cannot be set to itself” might occur. This problem has been fixed.

ID: 23261 | Zur deutschen Version

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