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Release Notes steadyPRINT 6.0

Features, Modifications and Bug Fixes in Version 6.0

Features Description
steadyPRINT VPD: Reliability steadyPRINT VPD has an automatic and integrated reliability function that works independently of the UNC path of the printer. If a backup has been stored via the steadyPRINT Center, the steadyPRINT VPD can transparently and smoothly apply the printing process.
steadyPRINT VPD: Configurations in the Center steadyPRINT VPD can centrally be configured via the steadyPRINT Center.
steadyPRINT VPD: PDF printer steadyPRINT VPD has an integrated PDF printer available.
steadyPRINT VPD: Pool for print jobs If desired, steadyPRINT VPD provides an encrypted storage of print jobs in a specified pool (print job directory). This way, orders can be accessed, re-printed, etc.
steadyPRINT VPD: Batch printing steadyPRINT VPD offers an integrated batch printer. Optionally, a user can create and manage additional batch printers.
steadyPRINT VPD: Synchronization of offline print jobs Even in the offline mode, the user can send print jobs to the default batch printer via the steadyPRINT VPD printer. If steadyPRINT is then reconnected to the database, a sychronization is performed so that the print job will be available to the user on all systems.
steadyPRINT VPD: Driver steadyPRINT VPD has its own driver so that the respective functions can be implemented.
steadyPRINT VPD: Take over of printer settings Prior to the printing process, the user can add certain settings (e.g. double-sided printing). steadyPRINT VPD takes over these settings to be printed on the “real” printer. Moreover, the take over of proprietary settings is supported.
steadyPRINT VPD: Encryption of print jobs steadyPRINT VPD stores print jobs to the print job directory in a secure encrypted way.
steadyPRINT Center: Display of status information in tree view The display of status information in the tree view has been completely revised and now evaluates more information for the respective object, among others SNMP information of a printer.
steadyPRINT Center: Introduction of ribbon In version 6 the ribbon has been introduced for the steadyPRINT Center. It provides a clear, quick and convenient handling of all available functions related to an object.
steadyPRINT Center: Favorites in tree view Various objects can be set as favorites via the tree view and accessed via the view “Favorites”.
steadyPRINT Center: Free fields for additional information of a print server, printer, folder In the new version, the steadyPRINT Center offers the possibility to create further fields for the storage of own information.
steadyPRINT Center: New tree view for common view The tree views have been completely revised and adapted to the current design.
steadyPRINT Center: New detailed view for printers The detailed view of a printer has been completely revised and is now offering more information at a glance.
steadyPRINT Center: New detailed view for print servers The detailed view for a print server has been completely revised and is now providing all important information.
steadyPRINT Center: New detailed view for folders The detailed view has been revised and provided with further Information.
steadyPRINT Center: New detailed view for inventory The detailed views have been adapted to the current design.
steadyPRINT Center: New context menus All context menus have been revised.
steadyPRINT Center: Revision of Active Directory view The Active Directory View has been revised.
steadyPRINT Center: Revision of assignment window All assignment Windows of the respective AD objects have been revised.
steadyPRINT Center: Moving tree elements Moving elements in the tree has been adapted to the new design.
steadyPRINT: Support of manufacturer MIBs steadyPRINT now offers the possibility to store own OIDs and to create queries on this basis. Thus, you can determine which information is important and in what way this information is to be evaluated.
steadyPRINT Center: MIB browser for displaying and importing own OIDs steadyPRINT has its own and integrated MIB browser in order to search for proprietary OIDs.
steadyPRINT Center: Interface for the storage of OIDs and own queries An interface provides all functions necessary for creating own SNMP queries.
steadyPRINT Center: SNMP profile The new SNMP profiles allow to assign the desired printer easily and quickly. The new SNMP result dialog clearly displays the current status of your query.
Modifications Description
steadyPRINT Center: Adaptions in Replication/Migration Replication and migration are now additionally holding some peculiarities of the Windows spooler in order to provide an improved range of functions.
Bug Fixes Description
steadyPRINT Agent: Group assignments rarely do not work This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Frequent error messages in Windows event log In certain cases the error message “”[…] Message: Could not show the notification icon. […]”” could frequently occur in the event log which, however, does not influence the normal program run. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Default printer is not transferred to terminal session This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: UAC property cannot be read out with Active Directory search In some ADs there is a problem with the property “UAC” which is not available for objects and might result in display errors in the steadyPRINT Center. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Not all available domains are displayed in tree view This problem has been fixed.
CreateSteadyDB: Error during update | “Feld DATE und SYSDATETIME not supported in SQL Server 2005” This problem has been fixed.

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