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Release Notes steadyPRINT 5.0.0

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 5.0.0

ID Type Title Description
2709 Modification steadyPRINT: Change of reading out IP addresses
2702 Bug fix steadyPRINT: Error when storing an already existing data set in the database for a local printer
2688 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Display error – print server status is partly not identified
2699 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Copying printer assignments fails when AD object is deleted
2610 Addition steadyPRINT Agent: Automatic deletion of printer connections on re-establishing a user session for workstations and terminal server
2680 Addition steadyPRINT Agent: Revision of printer installation
2682 Addition steadyPRINT Center: Automatic insertion of wildcards when entering search keys
2435 Addition steadyPRINT Center: Lists of IP filters
2608 Addition steadyPRINT: Deletion of printer connections when the user selects "reconnect printer" on the steadyPRINT Agent
2623 Addition steadyPRINT: Timeout for the creation of printer object
2614 Feature steadyPRINT: Policy and profile framework
2613 Feature steadyPRINT: SNMP Agent for SNMP communication
2512 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Consideration of an IP filter list
2519 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Printer driver update per printer
2648 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Integration of support button even in the main window of the Agent
2382 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Inventory of computers
2730 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Click the search icon to perform the search
1956 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Indication of an alias name for the print server
2511 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Indication of several IP filters
2703 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Display of inventoried computer information
2679 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Display of IP address/port in print view
2627 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Exchangeable symbols for print servers and folders
2620 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Drag&Drop for adding objects from print view to tree element
2619 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Drag&Drop for moving printers to a folder in the tree structure
2521 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Printer migration – alternative print processors
2700 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Integration of Dashboard website in the steadyPRINT Center
2615 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Configuration interface for setting the SNMP collection/-alerting
2683 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Setting of default printer based on organizational units
2581 Feature steadyPRINT Center: Assignment based on an organizational unit (ou)
1949 Feature steadyPRINT Server: E-mail notification due to SNMP events
2132 Feature steadyPRINT Server: SNMP integration for print server monitoring
1733 Feature steadyPRINT Server: Monitoring of printer status, toner levels and runtime parameters

ID: 22037 | Zur deutschen Version

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