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steadyPRINT Agent/Center does not start: Application error (ID 1000)

Description of the problem

Problems caused by the Citrix System Monitoring Agent

In rare cases, it can occur that the Citrix Monitoring Agent causes problems and that, due to this, .NET Framework no longer works properly.


This then affects all .NET applications and therefore also steadyPRINT.

The following error message originates from the event viewer:
Exception in the event viewer:
Name of the faulty application: pmp.exe, version:, timestamp: 0x4ec61230
Name of the faulty module: mscorwks.dll, version: 2.0.50727.5448, timestamp: 0x4e153960
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Error offset: 0x000000000021401f
Faulty process ID: 0x%9
Start time of the faulty application: 0x%10
Faulty application path: %11
Faulty module path: %12
Report identifier: %13
Associated error message:
.NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.5448 – serious error in the execution module (000007FEF96B7836) (80131506).

Problem description:
This occurs because of an internal error in .NET Framework in connection with the Citrix System Monitoring Agent.


Replacement of the file mscoree.dll to michaelsync.net/2009/10/31/net-runtime-version-2-0-50727-3603-fatal-execution-engine-error-7a036050-80131506-mscoree-dll.

ID: 21843 | Zur deutschen Version

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