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Acceleration of the start process

Description of the problem

As in some environments there might be delays during the login process of the steadyPRINT Agent due to different libraries and program dependencies, Microsoft offers the option to have *.dll-files loaded to the so-called Global Assembly Cache (for more information click here.


This way, the start time and the working speed of applications is considerably accelerated – you just need the Native Image Generator (for more information click here) which is located in the installation path of .NET Framework under the name “ngen.exe”. Usually, this path can be found under C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[your version]\ngen.exe.

First, call a prompt in an administratively authorized context and navigate by means of

cd C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\[Your Version]\

to the required path.

Now install the steadyPRINT Agent in the global Assemblycache by means of

ngen install C:\Programme (x86)\steadyPRINT\Client\SpClientHost.exe

ngen install C:\Programme (x86)\steadyPRINT\Client\SpClient.exe

and restart the application.

As Microsoft uses this procedure for its own libraries (DLL files), this process must be run again after each Windows update. However, we recommend to create a policy by means of which these commands are performed with each start.

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