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PIN becomes invalid when changing from master to backup print server

Description of the problem

We have currently problems with our steadyPRINT environment when transferring the printer settings to the clients.
Certain parts of the settings are not transfered to the clients. Specifically, it concerns the tab “order” of the driver where the protected print (PIN-print) is configured. After changing from the master to the backup print server, the settings are no longer valid on the part of the user. Can you provide further assistance?


The area of the PINs within the settings of the manufacturer driver is generally protected by a proprietary encryption. This is to avoid reading out the PINs via the registry where the printer settings are stored. On the backup print server the encryption of the PIN is not identical with the master print server. This is also part of the protection. Therefore, when changing from the master to the backup print server, the PIN might become invalid. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to provide a technical solution.

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