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When does steadyPRINT update printer connections?

Description of the problem

The steadyPRINT Agent is responsible for connecting printers on the Client. The assigned data from the database is analyzed and finally the respective printer connections are created. Generally this means that the steadyPRINT Agent is mandatory for the printer administration on the Client via steadyPRINT. Currently, there is no other way to provide printers.


An update of printer connections on the Client can be performed in different ways.

Push notifications

A printer configuration modified via the steadyPRINT Center leads to a push notification for all affected Clients and terminal servers. Thus, a printer adjustment for the respective printer session can be performed fully automatically without a restart. For this purpose, it is necessary to enable the steadyPRINT Center to communicate with the installed steadyPRINT Services.


The steadyPRINT Agent independently verifies at regular intervals any modifications to printer connections for the current logon context. It is thus guaranteed that, despite failed push notifications, the printer assignments remain current during the session term. In this respect, the steadyPRINT Agent communicates with the steadyPRINT Database via the steadyPRINT Service and verifies the printer assignments configured for the user. In case of a modification, the affected printers are connected and/or deleted.

Note: An increasing number of steadyPRINT Agents in the IT environment requires an adjustment of the query interval. For this purpose, the value for updating the printer connections has to be increased to at least 300 seconds (5 minutes) in order to keep the database inquiries low. For most applications, it is usually sufficient to verify the printer configuration once an hour or less. The setting itself can be found under steadyPRINT Center > File > Setting > Performance Profile > [Profile] > steadyPRINT Agent > Update printer Connections.

Manually by the user

At any time, the update of the printer connections can be performed by the user. This can be done via the steadyPRINT Agent > Reconnect printers.

Update during start

Independent of all settings, the printer connections are updated any time the steadyPRINT Agent is started.

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