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Extended Logging

Description of the problem

In our company a question regarding steadyPRINT occurred and we would like to provide the technical support with more detailed information. Where can we find such information and how can we create it?


steadyPRINT collects individual information concerning the running operation in two places, the Windows event log in the log files.

Windows event log
steadyPRINT writes important information in the Windows event log. These notifications are stored in the event log under „Windows protocols / application“ and „Windows protocols / system“.

Log files
Moreover, small log files with additional information are written during operation. The storage locations of these files are dependent of the respective steadyPRINT component:

  • Center = %TEMP%\steadyPRINT_log\Center.log
  • Agent (Agent window) = %TEMP%\steadyPRINT_log\SpClient_Method>.log
  • Server (PSS) = %TEMP%\steadyPRINT_log\PSService.log
  • Service (PAS) = %TEMP%\steadyPRINT_log\PAService.log

The respective login context of the steadyPRINT component determines the environment variable %TEMP%. By default these are the following values:

  • Center, Agent: C:\User\\AppData\Local\Temp
  • Server, Service: C:\Windows\Temp

The logging of the respective component is configured via a configuration file called “log.xml”. The file is located in the installation directory of the respective component.

The following important setting options are located in the configuration file:

Setting the log level
The logging level indicates which information is written into the logging files.

The level for these files is indicated in line 34:


<level value=”ERROR” />

Instead of „ERROR“ you can also enter „DEBUG“ in order to write all information into the log files.

Important notes:

  • Before (separately) changing the configuration file, please create a backup copy. As an alternative, you can also download the file here.
  • The logging into the event display is configured in the following lines as of line 41. These lines are not to be changed.
  • Having clarified the question, the changed level is to be set back to the default value “Error”.

Setting the properties for the log files

  • Size of the log file in KB: maximumFileSize
  • Max number of older log files: maxSizeRollBackups

The log files can be provided to the steadyPRINT support as text files through customary channels (e.g. by e-mail).

Configuration file Log.xml for the extended logging of steadyPRINT.

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