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Importing a new license

Description of the problem

We have extended our license volume by additional Windows CAL licenses so that steadyPRINT can be provided to all users in our company. We have realized, however, that after the import of the new licenses some clients are still unable to apply the license and thus to get the printers connected. Could you provide further assistance?


As usual, each license has to be imported via the steadyPRINT Center. It should be noted that the correct database instance name has been stored in the license. If the name is not identical, the steadyPRINT Center rejects the license in attempting to import it. After the successful import of platform and/or CAL licenses, the steadyPRINT Service and steadyPRINT Agent have to be restarted on the respective clients. It is not sufficient for the user to log off and log in again. The steadyPRINT Service caches licenses once read out in order to avoid unnecessary license requests and thus to reduce the license load to a minimum.

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