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Printer assignment via Center is delayed for users

Description of the problem

After the installation of our new Citrix environment we realized that group assignments via the steadyPRINT Center took a long time to arrive/be implemented at the Client. After logging the user off and on again or the manual performance of “Reconnect printer” via the steadyPRINT Agent, the printers appear immediately. Can you provide further assistance?


After the assignment, the steadyPRINT Center sends a notification to the affected Clients. For this process it is important that the communication to the steadyPRINT Agent via port 8009 is permitted. Should the communication not be possible only a manual action can update the printers at the end user (user log off and login, reconnect printers via Agent, restart of Agent). For further information on the communication channels, please refer to the articla “steadyPRINT Communication Overview“.


    • Share port 8009 on firewall
    • Communication of steadyPRINT Center to steadyPRINT Agent

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