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Configuration of SNMP connection settings (as of version 8.0)

Description of the article

We are using the SNMP monitoring of steadyPRINT. In order to access our printers via SNMP, however, we need a special configuration, among others the adjustment of the “Community String” for reading SNMP values. Is it possible to adjust the Connection parameters?


The adjustment of the SNMP configuration for accessing terminal devices is currently only possible via a configuration file.

Structure of the configuration file
The name of the file is „SNMPAgentSettings.csv“ and can be downloaded under the following link: Link to file.

Adjustment of the connection parameters
The following list shows the parameters and its meanings:

  1. IP_ADDRESS: IP-Address or FQDN of the terminal device for which the specified configuration is valid.
    Note: The IP-address means that the setting is valid for all devices which are not separately specified.
  1. PORT: SNMP port for reading access.
    Default: 161
  1. PORT_TRAP: SNMP port for sending traps
    Default: 162
  1. VERSION: SNMP version used for the communication.
    Default: 1
  1. TIMEOUT: Timeout value in milliseconds indicating the time to wait for the response from the SNMP device.
    Default: 3000
  1. TIMEOUT_THRESHOLD: Threshold value for the maximum number of acceptable timeouts. If this value is exceeded, the steadyPRINT SNMP Agent no longer requests the terminal device.
    Default: 3
    TIMEOUT_RESET: Indicates the time in milliseconds after which the device is requested again if the threshold value for the number of timeouts has been exceeded.
    Default: 3600
  1. READ_COMMUNITY: Indicates the password for reading access.
    Default: public
  1. WRITE_COMMUNITY: Indicates the password for writing access.
    Default: private

Storage location of the file
To ensure that the respective steadyPRINT components identify the configuration file, it is necessary to store the file in the steadyPRINT installation directory.

Storage location steadyPRINT installation location: [INSTALL]\config

Example installation location: C:\Program Files (x86)\steadyPRINT 8.0\config

Subsequently, both components require a restart.

IMPORTANT: The file name „SNMPAgentSettings.csv“ should not be modified!

Configuration file for SNMP connection settings

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