steadyPRINT Home Screen

(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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steadyPRINT Home Screen

(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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In version 5.1 of the new home screen is introduced for the first time (See figure steadyPRINT home screen).



Figure <%HMFIGURECOUNTER%: steadyPRINT home screen


Here, you get quick access to the functions.


1.Add Print Server / Add Printer
2.Add Authorizations
3. Reporting
4. Update


Test Runs

Furthermore, thanks to the new test runs, you get a visual feedback on the state of your system as soon as the Center is started.


Until now, the following cases have been tested:


Examination of the master print server
oAccessibility per Ping
oStatus of the print spooler (Also see Warming up period of the print spooler)
Examination of the backup print servers
oWhich print servers are protected against failures?
oExisting print servers:
Accessibility via Ping
Status of the print spooler (Also see Warming up period of the print spooler)
Status of the Server service
Examination of the Agents
oWhich Agents in the environment need an update?
Examination of the Services
oWhich services in the environment need an update?
Examination of the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client version on the server of the Dashboard
oFor an error-free performance of the Dashboard, at least version 11 of the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client is necessary.
Examination of the configuration of the Dashboard
Examination of the Dashboard service
Examination whether a server is set for collecting printer status information.
Examination of the validity of your license
Examination of the expiration date of your license
Examination of the available memory of the Database
Examination of the response time of the Database
Examination of incorrect assignments
oAre there any assignments of users locked in the Active Directory?
oAre there any assignments of users who no longer exist in the Active Directory? (check using the SID)


The screenshot (see Screenshot) shows an environment with 3 registered print servers.
Only for one of these 3 print servers a backup print server is stored on which the Server Service is additionally switched off.


Below the test runs, you will also find the most important links to get into contact with the team or to make use of the support



Setting Options

In the settings of the Center you also have the option to set up the page which is to open when starting the Center.

By default, this concerns the home screen (see figure steadyPRINT HomeScreen - settings).



Figure 17: Home Screen - settings


Here you have the choice between


        Home Screen
        Component Overview
        Session Overview



Component Overview


Figure 18: Home Screen - component overview



The component overview (See Figure Home Screen - component overview) shows the distribution of the individual components including the version number in your environment.


You have the possibility to export this list or to reload a steadyPRINT Server.


Session Overview


Figure 19: Home Screen - Session Overview



The Session Overview (See Figure Home Screen - session overview)shows all sessions in the current database. Sessions on older databases are no longer displayed.


Via the context menu, you have the possibility to perform various actions with the notification system:


Via Update, the whole view can be updated
Via Export, the list can be exported as usual
Via Delete Entry, the selected entries can be removed
Under steadyPRINT Agents, you have several possibilities to control the Agents remotely:
oVia Reboot the Agent is restarted
oVia Close the Agent is terminated
oVia Update the automatic Agent Update is started
oVia Reconnect printers the Agent is caused to recreate the printer connections
oVia Support-Log a support log can be requested from the Agent and saved as a file




Notification System


In order to send notifications via the steadyPRINT Center, you might have to adjust the ports in the settings. The default port for the steadyPRINT Service is 8009 and vor the steadyPRINT Server 8008.


steadyPRINT Search



Figure 20: Home Screen - search



As of 5.2, the Search (See Figure Home Screen - search) enables you for the first time to search for objects in your entire environment and to have all links displayed.


This way, you can find out in an instance which Agent profiles are assigned to a user, which objects share a certain IP filter, and the like.


Moreover, a new and improved Active Directory Search has been added via this interface allowing a cross-domain search and also restricting the search for certain object types.


In order to complete this component, you can also extend the search function to our online Knowledge Base and our Manual by using the tab Online Search.


For further information on this component and its various capabilities, please click here.