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(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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steadyPRINT Search

(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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As of version 5.2, offers three new possibilities to search for a variety of objects in your environment:


Active Directory Search
Object Search
Online Search


These views can be globally accessed by using the shortcut Shift+F.


Active Directory Search


Figure 30: Search in the Active Directory


In the Active Directory Search (see figure Search in the Active Directory), you have the possibility to restrict your search by using "*" in the well-known way.

Additionally, you can now indicate in which known domain and object type the search is to be carried out. This way, the search can easily be adjusted to your needs and memorizes the entries for the next search.


Furthermore, you can choose whether you wish to receive a flat list or (as shown in the screenshot above) a grouping by domain and object type.



Availability Active Directory Search


Please note that for the search within the Active Directory, a connection to the same has to be guaranteed.


steadyPRINT Object Search


Figure 31: Search in the objects within steadyPRINT


In this view (see figure Search in the objects within steadyPRINT), as you can see, you have the possibility to restrict the object type to be searched.


The search options are identical to those of the well-known Active Directory Search enabling you to further restrict the search by using "*" as a prefix or suffix.


The subsequent result view does not only show the direct results but also the properties in which the search term was found (e.g. the driver name of a printer).

Moreover, you receive a list of all objects related to this search result.


If your search generates an IP filter, for example, you will also see the performance profiles or print servers related to this filter.

If your search contains a printer, you will immediately see the printer assignments.



Online Search


Figure 32: Search within online contents


The Online Search (see figure Search within online contents) offers the option to extend your search to our Knowledge Base, the Online Manual or the general website.




Availability Online Contents


Please note that in order to access our online contents, an available internet connection has to be guaranteed.