Release of steadyPRINT 5.0.4

New version online!

The new version steadyPRINT 5.0.4 provides changes in the behaviour of the steadyPRINT Center: the Agent profile option “Uninstall printer driver when deleting a printer on the Client/Terminal Server” was added. When deleting a printer connection, the printer driver is no longer removed by default.

Background: When starting the steadyPRINT Agent, the administrator can adjust whether or not all printer connections are to be cleaned once. At the same time, this process results in the deletion of all printer drivers unless they are used by another printer. In case the deleted connections should need the removed drivers, the drivers have to be completely reloaded and reinstalled. In order to avoid this circumstance, an optional adjustment is now available. When printer connections are deleted, printer drivers will no longer be removed by default. This setting can optionally be activated via the Agent profiles for workstations and terminal servers.