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Release Notes steadyPRINT 6.5

steadyPRINT features, additions, modifications and bug fixes in version 6.5

Features Description
steadyPRINT VPD: Provision of FollowMe Printer The steadyPRINT FollowMe printer can be provided in two different ways:

  • as a printer within the steadyPRINT vPrinter
  • as a separate and local steadyPRINT FollowMe printer in the Windows printer directory

The definition is done via the Agent profiles.

steadyPRINT Agent: BranchOffice Printer for printing in remote branch offices (local printer on IP port basis) steadyPRINT offers the possibility to have printers locally created on a workstation on IP port basis.


  • Creating local printers based on the Information (Driver and port) of the print server
  • Taking on the printer settings stored on the print server
  • Setting permissions so that printers are only available to assigned users
steadyPRINT VPD: Integration of vName Printer A new special printer for KIS and ERP systems: The new vName printer offers advantages espcially for KIS and ERP systems. The administrator assigns any name of his choice (e.g. ERP Printer) and stores this printer in the special systems. The users will now always use the ERP printer. In the background however, different physical printers can be assigned on this printer type for groups or users. This way, each user uses the ERP printer, the printout, however, appears where the user wants it to. In addition, several assignments can be created in the background for one user – e.g. for different IP areas.
steadyPRINT VPD: Integrated PDF Merge PDF documents can now be connected via the integrated PDF Merge function within the steadyPRINT vPrinter.
steadyPRINT Center: Monitoring overview for print servers and folders Print servers and folders now have a new and additional monitoring view which replaces the old dashboard integration within the steadyPRINT Center.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of the status display into the riboon Via the ribbon in the steadyPRINT Center all errors are now visibly integrated by a count (respectively for OK, warning, error, unknown) in the upper area.
steadyPRINT Center: Extension of session assignments On print server and folder leve, the session assignments were extended by the new assignment types vDirect, vPrinter and BranchOffice. Furthermore, several assignments can now be created with the usual settings.


  • Connection mode: always connect or only if no printer assignment exists on user, group, computer or OU (organizational unit)
  • Several assginments per print server and folder
  • Definition of default printer
  • Definition whether assignment is valid for terminal server
  • Definition whether assignment is valid for workstation
steadyPRINT FollowMe: QR-Code Creator A QR code creator which is integrated in the steadyPRINT Center enables you to create labels for FollowMe Printing. The labels are applied to the respective printer.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of custom SNMP queries to display the printer status in the Center The custom SNMP queries have now been included in the printer analysis to be displayed in the Center.
steadyPRINT Center: Protection against configuration errors when assigning default printers to different assignment types Improvement of the automatic error handling when setting the default printer to different assignment types. This way, the administrator is protected against possible configuration errors.
steadyPRINT VPD: Manual assignment of paper trays via configuration file on the print server The manual assignment of trays allows to definitely store the output trays when printing, independent of the driver.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of the serial number into Monitoring In addition, the steadyPRINT Center now displays the serial number determined via SNMP of the selected printer just selected. This information is also included in the respective printer reports.
steadyPRINT Center: User interface for the administration of vName printer assignments A central user interface in the steadyPRINT Center displays all vName printer assignments of the environment. This way, the dynamic vName printers can easily be adjusted and assigned.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of the printer website The printer website is now directly integrated into the detailed view.
steadyPRINT Center: Extension of the Monitoring function for the user-defined calculation of page counters The user-defined Monitoring now allows for the calculation of individual page counters on the basis of several OIDs.
steadyPRINT Center: Reset Monitoring data for printers Via the steadyPRINT Center, Monitoring data for one or several printers can now be reset. This function is particularly helpful when exchanging the device in the background.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of the SNMP device description The steadyPRINT Center now displays the device description based on SNMP information. Moreover, the report “network printer by type” has been adjusted respectively.
Additions & Modifications Description
steadyPRINT VPD: Improvement of the print quality and speed The print quality and speed has been improved significantly.
steadyPRINT VPD: Improvement of PDF conversion Handling PDF document has been improved significantly.
steadyPRINT Center: Optimization of the load behavior of the user interface in the tab views The load behavior and thus the loading time of the respective tab views has been improved.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustment of the view for assignments on folder level The assignment view on folder level has been extended and improved in several aspects.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustment to status of print environment The status view in the tree has been revised to ensure a better overview.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustments within the information area of the detailed views All settings of the different elements can now be accessed via links in the information area on the right hand side. Moreover, they have been structured more clearly.
steadyPRINT Center: Cross-domain print server migration A migration print server can now be entered independent of the domain. This way, a cross-domain migration can be performed. With regard to reliability, however, both print servers still have to be in the same domain.
steadyPRINT Center: Extension of the object search for user-defined fields User-defined fields can now be searched for via the object search in the steadyPRINT Center.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of user-defined fields in the Center roles The administration of user-defined fields is now an integrated part of the Center roles.
steadyPRINT Center: Integration of additional entries on ribbon pages Some ribbon pages have been extended to include additional entries.
steadyPRINT Center: Hide inventoried printers with VPD driver steadyPRINT printers are now hidden during the inventory process of local printers.
steadyPRINT Center: Optional and automatic sychronization of printer assginments on folder level when adding a new printer If a new printer is entered below a folder for which assginment types exist, it is from now on possible to have all assignments sychronized. Moreover, an upstream query prevents the process to be performed unintentionally.
steadyPRINT Center: Extension of user-defined fields The user-defined fields have been extended to include various fields types and functions which enables a simplified configuration.
steadyPRINT Center: Assginment view for print server level Printers can now be directly assgined on print server level for all printers below the printer.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustment of the assignment view on folder level The assignment view on folder level has been extended and improved in various aspects.
steadyPRINT Center: Drag&Drop of assignment objects Existing assignments can now be simply dragged to other printers or folders by drag&drop in order to create new assignments.
Bug Fixes Description
steadyPRINT VPD: Printing different documents partly not possible Problems with regard to all document types have been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Monitoring profiles of a folder above are not assumed for a newly imported printer This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Opening organizational units via assignment view partly not possible This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT VPD: Installation of VPD printer independent of configuration status of print servers The installation of VPD printers is now dependent on the respective print server. If a print server has not been (completely) configured for the use of VPD, no communication takes place. This avoids unintended delays in the installation of VPD printers.
steadyPRINT Agent: Default printer is not stored across terminal servers in case of group and OU (organizational unit) assignments In case of group assignments in connection with local printers (also VPD printers) and default printers set by the user it may happen that the default printer is not stored across the terminal Servers. For this function to work properly in the constellation described above, the check mark for “set local default printers” has to be placed in any case in the Agent profiles.
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustments to object search Several minor bugs have been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Print server changes to backup mode at restart via the Center This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Possible failure when setting Windows assignments as default printer This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Parallel determination of print server status leads to error This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: SNMP ribbon entry only on print server level This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: VPD settings cannot be scrolled This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Reporting: Timeout with too high data volumes This problem has been fixed.

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