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Release Notes steadyPRINT 5.2.2

  • steadyPRINT Features, Additions, Modifications and Bug Fixes in Version 5.2.2

    Features Description
    steadyPRINT Center: Adjustment of the licensing interface The licensing process has been simplified and can now be imported via an activation code.
    steadyPRINT Center: Report – Network printers without assignments A new reports shows all printers that have not yet been assigned to any AD object.
    steadyPRINT Center: Delete components in the component overview Now, components can also be deleted via the component overview.
    steadyPRINT Agent: Computer assignment by the users Normally, a printer which is added by the user creates a user assignment via the steadyPRINT Agent. This behaviour which can be activated via the Agent profiles in the steadyPRINT Center, can now be adjusted so that a computer assignment is created. Moreover, this assignment can be managed by the user.
    steadyPRINT Center: Replication of safety settings The steadyPRINT Center now also replicates the safety settings of a printer.
    steadyPRINT Center: Multiple default printers for an AD object Multiple default printers can now be configured for an AD object within the same IP range. This way, the end user is able to provide multiple pre-defined default printers as a selection.
    Bug Fixes Description
    steadyPRINT Agent: Agent in English after automatic update If the automatic update is performed by the Agent, its default language is set back to English. The installation language has to be stored in the update configuration.
    steadyPRINT Center: Replication with v4 printer drivers fails Currently, the driver replication of In-box v4 printer drivers delivered is not possible. During the replication, the steadyPRINT Center installs the driver from the native driver store as a fallback using the name of the source print server.
    steadyPRINT Center: Inert component view after updating and deleting objects The component view reacted inertly during the update and deletion of entries.
    steadyPRINT Center: Import of printers and printer assignments via CSV file not possible normal print server The import of printers and printer assignments has been extended to normal print servers. So far, this has only been possible with local print servers.
    steadyPRINT Center: Performance of search function slow In larger environments, the new search was quite slow. The performance has now been considerably increased.
    steadyPRINT Agent: Under Windows XP the Agent status partly remains “Connecting …” On a computer, running the operating system Windows 2003 and Windows XP, the steadyPRINT Agent might remains in the state “Connecting …”. This is due to a DLL file which is dependent on the patch level and in this case not available on the System. This problem has been fixed.
    steadyPRINT Center: Domain Forest is not completely resolved In certain constellations nested domaines could not be displayed.
    steadyPRINT Agent: No display when opening the Agent via the start menu The interface of the steadyPRINT Agent is not displayed if it has already been started and called up via the start menu. This Problem has been fixed.
    steadyPRINT Center: Modified priorities of Agent and Performance profiles are not stored After a modification of the profile priorities, the profiles are not stored. This problem is caused by database constraint introduced with version 5.2.0. By running the CreateSteadyDB in version 5.2.2, it is automatically removed and the changes should now be permanently saved. As an alternative, it can be removed manually:
    Name of the table: SecurityProfile
    Name Unique Constraint: UK_SP_SecurityProfileTypePriorityIsDefault

    ID: 22080 | Zur deutschen Version

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