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Release Notes steadyPRINT 4.3.2

steadyPRINT features, modifications, bug fixes and errors in version 4.3.2

ID Type Title Description
2508 Modification steadyPRINT: Change of internal computer and user management to SID (Security Identifier)
2569 Bug fix steadyPRINT Agent: Setting the default printer via the Agent fails if the same printer exists as printer connection and session printer.
2568 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: When turning to the backup print server, the printer connections are partially not removed from the master print server
2566 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Failure in reentering the backup print server
2558 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Failure in exporting printer assignments
2567 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Failure in the storage of status messages out of the message window when backup print server is specified
2548 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Overall structures in a position of trust are not shown as a domain and are not considered in the profiles.
2560 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Replication of special fields of a printer occasionally wrong
2563 Bug fix steadyPRINT Center: Replication message window "Save as text file" in the message window after migration is not working
2564 Bug fix steadyPRINT: Agent/Center determines the wrong domain if the host adapter is incorrectly assigned or different DNS-entries exist.
2561 Additions steadyPRINT Agent/Center: Long login time with more than 10 domains if the access to sub-domains is not permitted. If the domains are not in a trust position, they run into a timout during deterrmination. If a domain is not available, it will be added to a black list and not inquired again.
2565 Additions steadyPRINT: Adjustment of behaviour when backup print server is entered if steadyPRINT service is not installed This enables a replication or migration print server to be entered without prior installation of  the steadyPRINT server. Important: Reliability is not possible without the steadyPRINT server being installed on the backup print server!
2506 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Client-Cache The Client Cache increases the performance of the steadyPRINT Agent for large printing environments and thus relieves WAN-routes as the data is locally stored (even after a restart). Only highly frequented data and those considerably influencing the speed are intermediately stored.
2550 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Performance profile data is added to the support window
2488 Feature steadyPRINT Agent: Inventory of printer connections on the basis of computer name

ID: 22021 | Zur deutschen Version

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