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steadyPRINT Center crashes

Description of the problem

After uninstalling a printer or matching printer information via the steadyPRINT Center, the Center subsequently crashes. It is noticeable that all actions have been performed.


The error message shows the following content:
Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
Problem Signature 01: pmt.exe
Trouble Signature 02: 5.1.5424.16094
Trouble Signature 03: 545c7b2c
Trouble Signature 04: System.Printing
Trouble Signature 05:
Trouble Signature 06: 4ba23594
Trouble Signature 07: a5
Trouble Signature 08: 0
Trouble Signature 09: System.MethodAccessException
Operating System Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale-ID: 1031
Additional Information 1: 1cc6
Additional Information 2: 1cc6b51a8b9291c9f43512792a8fa621
Additional Information 3: 987b
Additional Information 4: 987bc055261727ad65bf968db336a6ab.

Can you provide further assistance?


The steadyPRINT Crash happens due to an internal Microsoft error .NET Framework: “System.MethodAccessException has not been handled.

Message: An exception error of the type “System.MethodAccessException” occurred in System.Printing.dll.
Additional information: Error when the SecurityTransparent-Method “MS.Internal.PrintWin32Thunk.PrinterDefaults.!PrinterDefaults()” tries to access the safety-critical method “MS.Internal.PrintWin32Thunk.PrinterDefaults.InternalDispose(Boolean)”.

Please perform the following action in order to solve the problem on the affected systems:

– Installation of the current Windows updates,
– Installation of .NET Framework 4.5.

– .NET Framework 4.5

ID: 21953 | Zur deutschen Version

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