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Printer replication fails

Description of the problem

During the printer replication process an error occurred so that the performance could not be completed.


To ensure printer reliability with steadyPRINT, a backup print server needs to be installed. This is done via the steadyPRINT Center. During this process, the replication of one or more printers might fail.


The following points must be checked:

  • Unique share name for the printer: a second printer must not have the same share name.
  • The printer was not assigned a port number: for a correct network share of a printer it must – in any case – be assigned a port.
  • Use of Windows Server 2008: when using steadyPRINT version 2.2 or earlier, a correct replication cannot be performed under Windows Server 2008.
  • Replicating printers from W2k3 to W2k8: this type of replication is not supported and will lead to errors due to incompatible printer drivers. Use the printer migration in the steadyPRINT Center.
  • Check the Windows Firewall settings when the following error message appears: “No more endpoints are available in the endpoint assignement”.
  • Both print servers are located in the same domain. Cross-domain replication is not possible at this time.

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