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No Windows CAL available, printers are not connected

Description of the problem

The steadyPRINT Agent does not connect any printers. When the steadyPRINT Agent is opened, the info panel displays that no Windows CAL is available.

In older versions the notification in the info panel is missing.

Reason: All mandatory Windows CALs are used up. This can be reviewed in the steadyPRINT Center under File/Settings/Licenses in the tab “Licenses”.


In order to share all CALs that have not been used for more than 30 days or that are hold by AD objects which are no longer existing within the AD, the option “Cancel orphaned CAL assignments” can be used in the steadyPRINT Center under file/settings/licenses in the tab “Licenses”. Alternatively, single licenses can be shared in the tab “CALs in use” by right click. This assumes however that the session of the object to which the CAL shall be shared is offline.

Moreover, it is possible to create a Windows task that starts the steadyPRINT Center with the parameter -freeCals. This task performs the function “Cancel orphaned CAL assignment” as described above. The task user has to meet the following requirements: Local admin rights on the Task-/Center host, he/she has to be the domain user, he/she has to be member of the Center role “sysadmin” (Center roles are to be configured in the Center under file/settings/Center roles).

ID: 21917 | Zur deutschen Version

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