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Printer driver cannot be deleted/removed/cleared up. Driver still in use

Description of the problem

When deleting a printer, printer drivers are not removed although this function is enabled in the Agent profiles.

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steadyPRINT tries to keep the print environment in a “cleared” condition. In this context, the mentioned option is offered in the Agent profiles.

For a printer driver to be removed, however, the printer driver may no longer be in use. And this point is difficult to determine:

  1. The printer driver is no longer required in any other printer or printer connection.
  2. The print spooler service and other services have not loaded any of the printer files.
  3. All the other printer drivers do not require a single component of the driver to be deleted.

When viewing these points in detail, it becomes clear that steadyPRINT has only little influence on whether a printer driver can be deleted or not. The driver can, for example, be used on a terminal server in a further registered profile. Or a software that previously used the printer still keeps access to it (e.g. notepad.exe). A forced deletion is renounced as otherwise steadyPRINT could no longer guarantee the executability of a system.

Thus, this setting in the Agent profile can only try to delete the driver. If Windows refuses, the steadyPRINT Agent accepts this status.


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