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Window for selecting the default printer

Description of the problem

Every time I (as a user) start the steadyPRINT Agent, a window opens and displays several default printers for selection. How can I avoid them being diplayed each start?


If more than one default printer has beenn stored for your user, computer or the group you are currently in, the window for selecting a default printer appears. Via the steadyPRINT Center, the administrator thus provides you with the possible default printers for selection.
By ticking the box “Save location and do not show window again at next login” the steadyPRINT Agent saves the selection and the window is not displayed again. If you, however, change the location localized by the IP range and have again several default printers for selection, the window is displayed again. This dialog can generally be disabled via the Agent profiles in the steadyPRINT Center. This setting can be found via steadyPRINT Center > File > Setting > Agent-Profile > [Profil] > Display options > Disable window for default printer selection.

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