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Overview for storing user- and object-related data within steadyPRINT

Description of the problem

steadyPRINT provides a database where steadyPRINT-specific components store operation information. For this purpose an assignment from a principal (user, computer, group) to an object (printer, profile) is required.


The following overview shows the respective functions and the appropriate information provided in the database.

Function Realization Component Description
Sessions in steadyPRINT Mandatory All Stores the computer name and the steadyPRINT component, which creates a connection to the steadyPRINT database, together with a time stamp defining the beginning or the latest update of the session. The time stamp only indicates at what time the steadyPRINT component was started or a connection to the database was created or updated. Moreover, each component stores the current connection status of steadyPRINT based on the session time within steadyPRINT but not on operating system sessions or the like.
Print assignments Optional steadyPRINT Agent, steadyPRINT Center The steadyPRINT database contains the respective assignment of a user, computer, group and/or organizational unit to a printer based on the SID of the Active Directory and the printer name.
Printer inventory Optional steadyPRINT Agent When the inventory function is activated, steadyPRINT includes existing printers in the database and creates a printer assignment based on the user and/or computer (configurable).
Inventory of computer information Optional steadyPRINT Agent When the inventory function is activated, the steadyPRINT Agent takes computer information including last logged in users, operating system, computer model, computer name, computer domain, operating system Service Pack, time zone, file system, hard drive partitions including size and free storage, removable media, main storage, network adapter information and steadyPRINT Agent sessions from this computer to the respective terminal servers.
Default printer assignment Optional steadyPRINT Agent, steadyPRINT Center The assignment of the default printer is included in the database. The connection can be made on user, computer, group, organizational unit, print server and/or folder level.
E-mail profiles for alerting in case of monitoring events Optional steadyPRINT Center E-mail addresses can be stored via the steadyPRINT Center so that notifications can be sent if e.g. a printer causes a paper jam. Notifications are generated only due to printer information (SNMP queries to the printer).
Authorization for functions at the steadyPRINT Agent Optional steadyPRINT Agent, steadyPRINT Center Authorizations in order to limit the functionality at the Agent can be assigned via profiles, e.g. prohibit connecting printers. The assignment is based on users, gorups and/or computers.
Authorization of functions in the steadyPRINT Center Optional steadyPRINT Center Authorizations in order to limit the functionality in the Center can be assigned via roles. The assignment is based on users, groups and/or computers.
Virtual Printer with steadyPRINT VPD Optional steadyPRINT Agent If printing is done by using steadyPRINT VPD, steadyPRINT stores the print job for its users taking into account a definable storage period. The storage of the print jobs can be disabled which, however, reduces the scope of functions and the usability for the end user. Before the actual storage process steadyPRINT encrypts the stored print jobs which are not accessible by another person. Each user can only see his own print jobs.
The administration console (steadyPRINT Center) only gives an overview of realized print jobs with regard to one printer. For the administrator printer name, printing date and status will be visible.

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