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Deleted Active Directory Accounts in steadyPRINT

Description of the problem

We have recently deleted some Active Directory Accounts from the AD including users and Computers. We have now realized that they are still displayed in the steadyPRINT Center. How can we delete the accounts in one go?


The deletion of an Active Directory Account that no longer exists can be done by opening the detailed view. During this process, the steadyPRINT Center checks whether the object is still valid. In case the account can no longer be identified by using the stored SID (Security Identifier) from the database, the program offers the deletion of the selected object.

As of Version 5.2.0, there is a further option: Via the entry in the context menu Clear up Deleted Active Directory Objects in the Tree Node steadyPRINT Center > Printing environment > Management you reach an interface that displays all obsolete objects within steadyPRINT and enables their deletion.

Furthermore, the steadyPRINT Center regularly validates all Active Directory objects stored in the steadyPRINT database and, if necessary, sends a report to the HomeScreen via a testrun.

A precondition is the use of the steadyPRINT Center version 5.2.0.

ID: 21530 | Zur deutschen Version

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