steadyPRINT Release: Version 5.2 with new features

The new steadyPRINT version 5.2 offers many new and innovative features that make your daily work easier and more efficient.

Use, for example, the new steadyPRINT Search function to search for objects within the steadyPRINT Center or the integrated smartSEARCH component providing you with a fast access to relevant results. Moreover, you can now easily distribute printer drivers to several print servers or – if required – replace them via a comfortable interface. You will also benefit from the extended reporting function by having reports automatically generated and sent by e-mail at a desired point in time.

Furthermore, steadyPRINT 5.2 offers a variety of new features, additions and bug fixes. For a detailed overview, please see the “Release Notes“.

The installation package is available in our download area.

steadyPRINT on the winners’ podium!

We are very happy about a great third place in the IT Innovation Award 2015! Read more

New version: steadyPRINT 5.1.5 is out!

steadyPRINT 5.1.5 enables a delegated administration. Via a role-based permission system you are free to define who may have which access rights and thus to divide the administration of your printing environment in a reasonable way. Furthermore, the new version includes a number of improvements and additions. Among others, the update routine for the central update of the steadyPRINT Agent as well as the configuration of the IP ranges have been improved.

For a detailed overview of all modifications, please refer to the Release Notes.

The installation package is available in our Download Area.

Important: License adjustment with version 5.1.1

With today’s release of the new steadyPRINT version 5.1.1 the licensing has been adjusted!

Important note for all steadyPRINT customers: BEFORE starting the update, please contact in order to have a new license issued.

Your currently used license is probably invalid after the update and leads to a license error after the installation of the steadyPRINT components in version 5.1.1 or higher. Without a valid license, the steadyPRINT Agent cannot be started!

For any questions please contact our Support Team. Click here to see the update list.

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Version 5.1 is out!

From now on, the new steadyPRINT version 5.1 is available in our download area and offers the management of local printers, reporting and more. Among others, the following features are included.

Local Printers & Print Servers
Centrally manage locally connected printers or use workstations as local print servers (more information).

Create reports on different Topics (Environment, costs, maintenance, consumption …) (more information).

steadyPRINT HomeScreen
From now on, the steadyPRINT Center is equipped with a home screen providing the most important information and key functions (more information).

Centralized Agent Updates
The steadyPRINT Agents can now be updated automatically on your Clients (more information).

For any further new features, modifications and bug fixes, please refer to the list of revisions.

New Online Shop

If you wish to purchase one of our products online, please visit our new Online Shop.

steadyPRINT 5.0.5 online!

The new release of steadyPRINT including some minor bug fixes is now available!

New Homepage online

Welcome to the new steadyPRINT homepage! Here you will find all information on our software.

IMPORTANT for all registered steadyPRINT users: In order to still have access to all downloads, you have to register again. Your login details used so far is no longer valid. Create account.

Release of steadyPRINT 5.0.4

New version online!

The new version steadyPRINT 5.0.4 provides changes in the behaviour of the steadyPRINT Center: the Agent profile option “Uninstall printer driver when deleting a printer on the Client/Terminal Server” was added. When deleting a printer connection, the printer driver is no longer removed by default. Read more