Action Profiles

(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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Action Profiles

(Last update of this topic: 05-22-2015)

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An action profile describes the actions and settings which are necessary to have an alert triggered by due to an event. It is for example needed in case a printer connection is in an error state. The following figure - steadyPRINT Center - overview of action profiles shows an exemplary overview of existing profiles.



Figure 65: steadyPRINT Center - overview of action profiles


The definition of action profiles is necessary in order react to events triggered by . The following table and figure - steadyPRINT Center - action profile describe the settings of an action profile.





The name of the action profile.


An optional description of an action profile.


If the action profile is activated, the defined settings will cause an alert. 

E-mail profiles

In order to notify of an event by e-mail, link any e-mail profile to the current action profile. 

Store events in the database

In case the memory is activated,  stores all occurring events into the database. 


Hint: The storage of events is necessary to have them displayed in the steadyPRINT Dashboard!

Alerting when status is back to normal 

If this occurs,  sends an e-mail, provided that an e-mail profile has been stored. If the alert is enabled for the normal status, another e-mail is sent in case the measured value falls back to the defined normal status.

Repetition(s) until the first alerting is triggered (fault tolerance)

The fault tolerance indicates how often a measured value may leave the defined normal range without triggering an event and/or a notification. 

Minute(s) until the alerting is triggered again

If an event occurs once, you can use this value to determine the time after which an e-mail shall be sent again. 



Figure 66: steadyPRINT Center - action profile