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The team wishes you a warm welcome. With , data loss due to printer failure now belongs to the past. In the event of a print server failure, print jobs are redirected to a backup print server by means of a centralized printer management system. This allows administrators to direct their attention to the defective system without ruffle or excitement as users are able to continue printing despite the failure. Not a single print job will be lost. Particularly when it comes to complex printing environments, is the ideal solution while also making an expensive cluster system superfluous. In addition, further-reaching possibilities are put at your disposal when it comes to overseeing your printers - as in job monitoring, for example.


This user manual introduces you to the basic installation process with its individual components as well as to ’s mode of operation. It highlights the fundamental technology employed by together with its various functions. The following section provides some tips and suggestions for the establishment and possible consolidation of your printer environment.






Please read the accompanying readme.txt file before beginning with a possible installation. It will provide additional topical information and references concerning - in particular - the current version of .


Additional information is also available in the Internet at www.steadyPRINT.com:

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