Merging Print Servers

(Last update of this topic: 10-29-2014)

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Merging Print Servers

(Last update of this topic: 10-29-2014)

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When merging print servers, it is possible to logically merge and consolidate the print servers added to . Use this function to merge for example three print servers into one. All already existing printer assignments including the defined default printers will be transferred to the specified print server.


Procedure of Merging Print Servers

The individual steps necessary for merging two print servers are described below. If you want to merge three or more, repeat the process in the same way.


1. Indication of backup/migration print server

Indicate the backup/migration print server in the same way as described in chapter The Backup Print Server. By doing so, you choose the print server on which the printers (printer assignments) and default printer are to be transferred.


2. Ensure printer availability

Before merging the print servers, make sure that the printers from the master print server are completely available on the backup/migration print server, meaning that the replication or migration process has taken place. How to carry out a replication or migration is described in chapter Carrying Out a Replication or Migration.


3. Merging print servers

Start the process via the context menu of the print server [print server] > merging print servers. then logically moves all printers, printer assignments and default printers from the master to the backup/migration print server. After the movement of all objects, the current backup print server will become the master print server. Upon successful process completion, steadyPRINT deletes the previous master print server. All printers (printer assignments) with an error, remain.


4. Deleting old printer connections

The printer connection is immediately transferred to the new print server. Old connections, however, remain unaffected. Using the setting steadyPRINT Center > Settings > Agent Profile > Inventory > Delete Printer Connections, old printer connections will be cleared up on the respective clients on the next start of the steadyPRINT Agent.



Undo the Process


Once the print servers have been merged, they cannot be separated again! Therefore it is recommended to create a backup of the steadyPRINT database beforehand in order to be able to restore the status previous to the print server merging!




Moving Printers (Printer Assignments)


only moves printers and printer assignments as well as default printers within the database. This process does not affect the installed printers of the print servers in question. Previous to this, use the integrated replication or migration.




What Happens to Printers that Have Already been Imported for the Backup/Migration Print Server?


Printers that have already been imported for the backup/migration print server remain unchanged.




What Happens to Printer Assignments that Already Exist for the Backup/Migration Print Server?


In case an assignment for a printer already exists on the backup/migration print server for the respective AD object, it remains unchanged. The same applies to default printers which are transferred by steadyPRINT only if the assignment has to be newly created.