Wrong font when printing checks via VPD

Description of the problem

We have realized that when printing checks via steadyPRINT VPD the font which is important for the automated processing of checks is incorrectly displayed. Could you provide further assistance?


Generally, steadyPRINT VPD does not modify the embedded font of the source document. It is however important that the used font type has been correctly embedded to the document. Moreover, it also has to be correctly installed on the system from which the print job is started, in most cases the print server. Therefore, please note

  • that the font is correctly installed for the printing process on the computers involved (Clients, print servers)
  • that the installation requirements for the use of steadyPRINT VPD are fulfilled (https://www.steadyprint.com/user-manual/installation.htm)

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ID: sP00000 | Created on: 20-APR-2020

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