Installing the Program Components

(Last update of this topic: 03-30-2023)

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Installing the Program Components

(Last update of this topic: 03-30-2023)

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In this chapter we are going to address the various installation procedures for steadyPRINT Components – both on client and on server side. The following components are available to choose from:


Client (end user)
Management (administrative surface and API)
Server (synchronization, reliability,monitoring, VPD and SecurePrint).


All three installation types will be shown and described as step-by-step instructions in the following sub-chapters. An overview of the program components and their tasks will be given in chapter "The Technology"




Installing Server Roles for Print Servers (when using Reliability)


Installing steadyPRINT Server components makes it necessary to have the "Print Server" role installed on a Windows server (the designation can vary depending on the Windows server versions being used).




Program Components


The installation of the program components for workstations and Clients, the servers as well as the management takes place by starting the installation using the accompanying installation package steadyPRINT.msi.




Installation Location for the Management Components


The team recommends that the management components be directly installed on the corresponding print server.