steadyPRINT Service partially does not start (fixed in Version 5.2.0)

Known Issue Version 5.1.5

Description of the problem

We have noticed that the steadyPRINT Server or Service partially does not start correctly when starting the computer. Subsequently, the following error message is displayed in the Windows event log: “steadyPRINT Server does not react”. Can you provide further assistance?


If a network connection is still in the initialization phase, the steadyPRINT Server or steadyPRINT Service partially does not start when starting Windows. The operating system automatically terminates a service if it does not react within a specified time – pointed out in the error message described above. This problem has been solved in Version 5.1.5.

– Installation of steadyPRINT 5.1.5

ID: sP00000 | Created on: 5-Jan-2015

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